Sometimes you really want to watch an interesting video on your phone. For example, it could be a recent interview or a documentary. But the small screen of the phone will not allow you to fully enjoy the process of watching a video. An excellent solution to this issue would be to connect your smartphone to a large TV to project video from your phone onto a huge comfortable screen.

There is a fairly easy way to watch videos from a smartphone through a TV. You can connect your phone to a TV using a USB cable.

Such a connector can be found on almost every modern TV, not to mention smartphones, for which charging the battery through such a cable has already become the standard. The advantage of this method is that when watching a video on a large TV screen, the smartphone will be charged.

However, using a USB cable, you will not be able to watch videos online.

Connection instructions:

  1. First, you need to connect the small side of the cable to your phone (just like when charging the device).
  2. Next, you need to connect the usual USB on the back of the cable to the TV.
  3. After connecting the cable, you need to go to the device settings and activate the USB modem function (modem mode).
  4. When you turn on the TV, you need to go to its menu and specify the cable as the source of input signals.
  5. After that, everything that is on the phone will open on the TV. (Folders, audio, video files). It remains only to select the desired file.
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Connecting a smartphone to a TV via HDMI cable

This connection method can only be used if the phone has a HDMI connector (a smaller version for smartphones).

How to watch video from smartphone on TV

There are not very many gadgets with such “jacks”, but if you do get hold of it, you can connect it to the TV. The only thing that will be needed is an HDMI cable, which has a small connector at one end of the wire.

If you have a cable, you just need to connect two devices (phone and TV) to each other. In the TV menu, this time you need to select HDMI as the signal source. The maximum video quality with this connection is FullHD.

If the design of the phone does not provide for a small HDMI connector, you can purchase a special MHL adapter.How to watch video from smartphone on TV

It must be connected to the phone via MicroUSB, and the HDMI cable must be inserted into the adapter itself.How to watch video from smartphone on TV

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Buying such a guide will allow you to enjoy high quality videos.

Is it convenient for you to watch videos on your phone?


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