Hopefully, someone has guessed to bet on a decent amount of mortgage, arguing that lidar and augmented reality on the iPhone is not a feature for a function at all. And not testing what is supposed to be used in future Apple devices. On several Apple devices you can buy now, they transform the Measure app into what it should have been from the start. At the presentation of the iPhone 12 Pro, nothing was said about this.

In the 90s, which almost became fatal for Apple, its management drew up a rule for itself: worthwhile technologies should advertise themselves. Are they again stepping on the same rake, or did they not consider what happened an important event? Never mind. We have already figured out how to use the new Measure app, and in this article, we will tell you about it.

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We have already figured out how to use the new Measure app, and in this article, we will tell you about it.

On older iPhones, nothing has changed, but on models with lidar, everything is more interesting.

The new Measure app is available only for iPhone 12 Pro, iPhone 12 Pro Max, iPad Pro fourth generation, iOS 14, iPadOS 14, or later. On all other iPhones and iPads, everything is as before. The Measure application is almost useless, as are similar applications for Android. All of them really know how to measure objects’ size at a distance, but this is nothing more than a trick that makes an indelible impression on everyone who is shown it for the first time.

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The accuracy of their measurement (+/- 5%) leaves much to be desired. And an unacceptable amount of time is spent on these measurements. The hand holding the device gets tired and begins to tremble, which further reduces the measurement accuracy. But on devices with a lidar sensor, everything is different.

How the new Measure app on the iPhone differs from the old one?

If there is no lidar sensor in the camera block on the back of your device, even if your device already has iOS/iPadOS 14 installed, for your new application “Measure,” nothing more than a bug fix. You will not find anything essentially new in it. But if you have a device with lidar, you will have a completely different application from the future in your hands. Everything that in its previous versions took an unbearably long time, though not instantaneously, takes one or two seconds, no more.

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It takes a few seconds from the moment the application is launched until a bright white dot appears in the center of the screen (it indicates that the application is ready to work). After that, no pauses. The actions required from the user are the same as before. In addition to acceptable performance, the new application has one more advantage: the accuracy of measurements with its help, in the presence of a lidar sensor and iOS / iPadOS 14 (or higher), five times the accuracy in the absence of any of these components. Even though in 2018, when this application appeared in the App Store, it already differed from its Android counterparts in higher accuracy. By a few percent, but still.

How to use the Measure application?

Measure application is straightforward to use. To measure an object’s geometric dimensions within sight, you need to launch the Measure application (you wouldn’t guess, huh?) And wait for a bright white dot to appear in the center of the screen. While the application is being configured, without wasting time, you can start aiming the center of the screen at the point from which we want to start measuring, while “by eye.” When the application is ready to go, you need to:

  1. Align the point from which we start measuring with a bright white point and press the button with the plus sign (start measurement);
  2. Moving the bright white point (together with the camera) along the measured segment, align it with the end of this segment and press the button with the plus sign (end measurement);
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How to use the new Measure app on iPhone? 2 Easy Steps

You can measure an object of almost any shape.

  1. To continue measurements from this point, press the button with the plus sign again, press the same button when the white point is pointed at the endpoint of this segment. And do the same until everything that needed to be measured is measured.

The camera (and lidar sensor) must be brought closer to the measured object to increase the measurement accuracy. When approaching an object at a sufficiently close distance, a scale appears on the last segment.

Measure App isn’t the only app that uses ARKit (now ARKit 4, Apple’s augmented reality software library). It is worth noting an application for furniture makers from IKEA, with which you can see how a piece of furniture that has not yet been purchased in your home would look like – by connecting ARKit 4 with your device’s lidar sensor, they will be able to sell them even more efficiently.

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How to use the new Measure app on iPhone? 2 Easy Steps

Augmented reality from IKEA allows you to see pieces of furniture right in your home.

Other applications are being developed that use this explosive mixture. It is available to developers of applications for iOS and iPad. I will not predict whether there will be a boom in such applications. There is a possibility: according to rumors, lidar sensors may appear in this year’s iPhone not only in Pro models but also in regular ones. It is expected that these sensors will appear on the iPad Air and possibly on the next iPad mini models.


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