Masks have been available on Instagram since 2017. They are a kind of continuation of the furor of face filters from the acclaimed Snapchat application. Very quickly, photos with various face filters began to appear in user stories. Sometimes it happens that while enjoying new visual possibilities, a person discovers that the previously applied effects are gone. What happened? How to find a mask in this application if it suddenly disappeared?

Instagram masks: how to use

In order for the user to be able to work without problems with masks in Instagram Stories, the following basic conditions must be met:

  1. Availability of a modern phone. In this case, there must be a fresh version of Android or iOS OS.
  2. Sufficient free memory. The masks saved by the user are stored in the phone’s memory, for this reason, the lack of the necessary memory will not only make the operation of the mobile device slower, but also prevent you from enjoying the functionality of the masks.
  3. No errors in the work of Instagram. You need to check the correctness of the cache and make sure that the latest version of the application is installed.
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The absence of one of the listed provisions may result in the loss of face filters on the device.

The reason for the dysfunction of the masks may be an unsuccessful update of the application to the next version. Usually, this dysfunction is fixed by subsequent updates to the application.

Instagram masks: how to use

How to make Instagram masks available again

Option 1. Free up mobile phone memory. After removing unnecessary programs and freeing up device memory, working with Instagram will become more comfortable. Uninstall unnecessary programs and free up space on your phone for comfortable work with Instagram.

Option 2. If a mask has disappeared, you can try to find a story with it from other users. As soon as you manage to perform this action, you need to click at the top on the inscription with the name of the mask, after which the filter will be added.

Option 3. Delete cache and Instagram app data to find the mask

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  1. Go to the settings of the mobile device, select the “Applications” line;
  2. Find “Instagram” in the list and click on it;
  3. Then click on “Clear cache” and “Clear data”.

Instagram masks: how to use

Option 4. Another effective way to get masks back on Instagram is to restart the app. If a person is using an iOS app, they can just close Instagram. If a person owns a gadget based on Android OS, then in addition to closing the application, it is necessary to complete its process using the “Applications” item in the device settings.

Option 5. Some masks are available only by subscribing to the page of their author. If such a mask has disappeared, you should try to subscribe to the account of its creator again. It is likely that the mask will reappear after you subscribe.

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