People often put a password on their phone to restrict access to the device for children, intruders or just strangers. It often happens that having password-protected a gadget and forgetting about it for a certain period of time, a person discovers that he does not remember the phone access code at all. Attempts to guess it are unsuccessful. What can be done in this situation?

Old Samsung features allow you to bypass the lock if the user has forgotten the passcode to their device.

How to unlock Sumsung without remembering password

If we are talking about a device based on Android OS 4.4 or an earlier version of Android, the following algorithm of actions can help:

  1. first you need to go to the code entry screen;
  2. then enter the wrong password 5 times;
  3. the inscription “Forgot your password?” should appear;
  4. now you need to click on the message “Forgot your password?”
  5. go through authorization in your Google account and enter a spare pin code;
  6. the device is unlocked.
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Unlocking the gadget using the “Find My Mobile” option

If the password-protected phone has access to the Internet and has a Samsung account, you can restore access to the device using the above function.

The following operations must be performed:

  1. Login and log into Samsung system;
  2. Select the phone you need to unlock in the left menu;
  3. Click on “More”, and then on “Unlock my device”;
  4. Enter the password for your Samsung account and click on “Unblock”;
  5. These steps will help you to remove the Samsung screen limitation if the user was careless to forget the password.How to unlock Sumsung without remembering password

Another way to unlock your Samsung smartphone is to use a feature called Find My Device from Google.

For this method, you need to do the following:

  1. Start the service;
  2. Login to your Google account, which is used on the locked phone;
  3. Click on the device you want to unlock in the menu on the left;
  4. Click on the phrase “Block device” below;
  5. If necessary, you can add a message or phone number;
  6. Click again on “Block device” below;
  7. If all actions are performed correctly, a confirmation will appear with the options “Call, Block and Erase”;
  8. Next, a field for entering a code on the device will appear, where you can set a new password.
  9. Now access to Samsung is completely restored.
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There are other ways to restore access to the device.

Do you often forget the password to unlock your phone?


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