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How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch? 4 Easy Step Guide

How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch? 4 Easy Step Guide

In this article, we will learn How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch. With the introduction of iOS 14.5 comes innovative features. Let’s dive in and see what those are.

I never had an Apple Watch and the desire to buy one. Despite the annual expansion of their functions and the gradual transformation into a real medical device, the Apple smartwatch remained a device for receiving notifications on the wrist. No killer feature would unconditionally convince me to go and buy them. But iOS 14.5 has changed the balance of power a lot.

Apple has added the feature to unlock the iPhone from Apple Watch in iOS 14.5. But only in a mask.

The first beta of iOS 14.5 added a new link between the iPhone and Apple Watch. For the first time in more than five years of its history, Apple has taught smartwatches how to unlock the iPhone, providing quick verification even when wearing a mask. Thanks to this, users do not have to expose themselves to danger and take off their masks in public to access the contents of their smartphones.

How to unlock iPhone with a mask?

# iOS14.5 beta 1, iPhone unlock process with #AppleWatch wearing a facemask

Easy and super smooth!

– Luca Ansevini (@ Anse1987) February 1, 2021

For Apple Watch to unlock iPhone, several conditions must be met:

If all these conditions are met, you can unlock your iPhone using Face ID, even while wearing a mask. You need to place your smartphone parallel to your face as usual and swipe across the screen to unlock it. At this point, the iPhone will ask the Apple Watch for confirmation. They will check the fulfillment of all the necessary conditions and give it. After unlocking the smartphone, the watch will send a corresponding notification, allowing you to lock it back by clicking on this notification quickly. This is done in case of a possible error.

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How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch?

To unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Go to Settings on your iPhone;

Step 2: Open the “Face ID and Passcode” tab;

The main condition for enabling the iPhone to unlock function with Apple Watch is iOS 14.5 and watchOS 7.4.

Step 3: Find “Unlock with Apple Watch” here;

Step 4: Turn on “Unlock with Apple Watch.”

Interestingly, Apple put forward a mask on the face as a prerequisite to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch. This rather severely limits the innovation potential. First, the function’s feasibility is lost at home, although it would be as logical as possible to use it at home. Secondly, unlocking with Apple Watch only works on iPhones with Face ID. That is, smartwatches will no longer be able to unlock a smartphone with a fingerprint scanner.

What is Smart Lock?

Smart Lock has been on Android for years. Finally, and Apple has come to this.

Google has long ago implemented a similar function in itself, and Apple obviously should have adopted this development long ago. Android under the Smart Lock mode suggests several scenarios in which smartphones remain unlocked:

Perhaps Cupertino would call the abundance of scripts for unlocking smartphones not secure enough, but in the end, users can decide for themselves what is best for them. Some people want to have quick and convenient access to their device without removing the password lock, for example, if biometrics are unavailable for some reason. Others believe that the most reliable state for a smartphone is when it is password protected. They don’t even trust biometrics, believing that it can be faked. So everyone has their own extremes, and the manufacturer’s task is to give users a choice.

Conclusion: How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch

I hope this easy guide on how to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch was helpful. If you face any issues to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch, drop your comments below.

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