When editing and printing text documents, it becomes necessary to add numbers and other signs, for example, currencies. Such characters are used extremely rarely, and therefore they do not appear on the keyboard. Many just copy the signs and the internet. Others resort to certain methods.

How to print currency symbols on Mac?

How to type dollar, ruble and euro symbols on Mac

The easiest thing on a Mac is to type the dollar sign. To do this, you need to press Shift and 4 simultaneously. To enter the ruble sign, you need to go to the settings and press + and put the Russian keyboard. Then press Alt or Shift. To get a ruble sign, press Alt and 8. To set other currency signs, you need to:

  1. For euro, press Shift + Alt and 2.
  2. To get the British pound, dial Alt +3. In this case, the keyboard must be English.
  3. For the Japanese yen, type Alt + Y.
  4. To type the American cent sign, press Alt and 4.
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You can use the Hot Keys function to change the keyboard layout. To do this, go to the settings and click on “Keyboard shortcuts.” Then click on “input sources.” You need to enter a keyboard shortcut, and it will be saved immediately. It is important to remember all combinations when entering. Sometimes the saved settings are not very convenient to use. You can turn on the Emoji panel for quick typing.

Using the Emoji panel

How to type dollar, ruble and euro symbols on Mac

There are tons of other currency symbols in this panel. To enable the panel, it is recommended to go to “system settings” and click on the “Symbols and emoji” panel. When clicked, a list of options will open. Select “currency symbols” from the list. The panel will present the user with a variety of symbols. Frequently used symbols must be added to favorites. Using the emoji bar and hotkeys will allow you to type texts quickly, send important emails and finish work faster. It will also be helpful to learn the hotkey combination fully. You can copy and paste characters multiple times for quick learning. On Mac, the Emoji panel also lets you insert various emoticons, brackets, icons, and brackets into text. Also, on this panel, there are mathematical symbols and arrows to add to texts. In the window on the right side, there is a list for changing the font.

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In addition to the emoji panel, Word also has an insert and symbols section. There are many mathematical, physical, and currency symbols in this section. This method can be used if it was not possible to connect the emoji panel.

How do you add currency symbols while printing text?


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