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How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone [FREE]: 4 Step Guide

In this article, we will learn how to transfer Whatsapp chats from Android to iPhone for FREE. Switching Whatsapp from Android to iPhone has always been a pain. Previously, the only working method to transfer the WhatsApp chat was by using 3rd party paid tools. But, today we will share the only working free method. So, lets get started.

Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone: Things Required

  1. A Windows PC
  2. Download (Password-
  3. Your android smartphone
  4. Your iphone

Step by Step Guide to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

Step 1: Install and configure on your Windows PC

1. Download, Extract (using WinRar) and install After installing, close the program.

2. Go to the installation directory of the software above. (Right-click on the desktop icon and click Open File Location).

3. Open folder: COPY ME

4. Copy paste the file to the installed directory.

5. A pop-up will appear and click Replace the file in the destination.

Step 2: Creating a Whatsapp Backup on Android

1. Open Whatsapp on your android smartphone. Go to Settings -> Chat -> Chat Backup.

2. Select Never on Google Drive Settings and Click Backup. It will now create a local backup of all your Whatsapp messages. [You can also include the videos if required.]

3. Connect the USB cable to your android smartphone and go to Settings.

4. Make sure your developer option is turned on. (To enable developer options, go to About and tap on Build Number 4-5 times.)

5. Go to Settings -> Developer Options -> Turn on USB Debugging. Click Revoke USB debugging.

Step 3: Creating backup using MoveWhatsapp2iPhone software

NOTE: Make sure you have USB Drivers installed for your device: How To Install USB Driver for Android On Windows PC

1. Open the application: MoveWhatsapp2iPhone that you downloaded in step 1. (Make sure you have disconnected your internet connection on your Windows PC before proceeding) You might get an error on the application, so check your android phone for the notification. Click Allow.

2. On the application, click on Ok and then Retry.

3. When you click on Retry, you will see a popup on your smartphone. Click Allow.

4. You should see something like this-

5. Right click on your phone name and click Backup Messages. Give a name to the backup and click Ok.

6. It will take sometime depending upon the size of your backup. Click Ok when done.

7. Remove your android smartphone.

Step 4: Setting up on iPhone

1. Open Whatsapp and use the same number (as on android) and configure it. Click Skip Restore.

2. Connect your iPhone with the data cable and click Allow.

3. Launch iTunes on Windows.

4. Click on I trust this device and Don’t Encrypt when asked for.

5. Click on the Phone icon.

6. Click This Computer followed by Back up Now.

7. Wait for the backup (syncing) to complete.

8. Open MoveWhatsapp2iPhone application again and unlock your iPhone.

9. Right click on your phone name and click Export Messages to iTunes Backup.

10. Select the latest backup that you created in Step 4 and click Load.

11. The process will take sometime.

12. Open iTunes again and click the phone icon again.

13. Click on Restore iPhone. If asked to deactivate Find my iPhone, please do so.

14. Select the latest backup and click Restore.

15. Once complete, you will get a notification and your phone will restart. (Do not remove the cable).

16. Once the phone restarts, redownload the Whatsapp app and login using the same number. You will see all your messages that you just transfered from your Android smartphone.

Congratulations! You are done.

The credit for this method goes to Athem Saurav. You can watch the video tutorial here.


Also, A couple of weeks ago, someone from the management of WhatsApp made a statement that Apple was trying in every possible way to spoil the messenger. Allegedly, Apple is afraid that WhatsApp can provoke an outflow of iOS users to Android due to its versatility. After all, if a person is not tied to a service that is available only on one platform, it is obvious that nothing can keep him from switching to another. But WhatsApp forgot to mention that you can’t just transfer your chats from the messenger from Android to iOS and back. At least for now.

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Transferring WhatsApp chats between iOS and Android was not possible, but soon this limitation will be a thing of the past.

WhatsApp plans to allow its users to transfer all correspondence between Android and iOS. This feature was found in the beta version of the messenger. Despite the existence of workarounds for transferring correspondence, there are simply no official ways to transfer all chats at once.

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Why is it a moot point? WhatsApp insists that it does not do this for security reasons because when the correspondence is stored in the cloud, it is much easier to access it for third parties. But, apparently, the service developers have found a way to transfer chats in a safe mode.

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Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone [Upcoming]

Apparently, the transfer function will only be available if the most current WhatsApp is installed on both devices – the sender and the receiver. This is logical, given that during the procedure, some mechanisms are used to ensure a safe transfer.

This is how the screen for transferring chats to WhatsApp on iOS will look like

At the same time, the technique itself is still unclear. For some reason, the screenshot shows two smartphones tilted one towards the other. The transfer may be possible only if there is a direct connection between them via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, without a cloud, which the developers consider unreliable.

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If WhatsApp really allows all of its chats to be transferred between iOS and Android, this could be a big breakthrough in the development of the messenger and, perhaps, really provoke users’ transition from one platform to another. The problem has always been that WhatsApp kept backups of correspondence on separate cloud servers. Android used Google Drive, and iOS used iCloud.

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It’s hard to say when the WhatsApp update with chat transfer will come out. Usually, messenger developers have been testing innovations of this scale for quite a long time. It may take them a month or two or three. There have been cases when new features appeared in the beta version six months before the actual release, and some appeared only in select countries – obviously, to conduct more massive testing.

I hope this guide on How to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone was easy. If you face any issues, please comment below.

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