During the last 18 months, video calling has become an indispensable tool in our work and personal lives. The fact is that when we’ve analyzed some of the best video calling applications, among them, we have Zoom or Meet. What happens if your microphone stops working on video calls? Windows 11 lets you calibrate and test it and will show you what to do in case of a malfunction, aka fail.

When you’re video conferencing, two things are crucial to getting the full experience. Firstly, you want a webcam so people can see what you look like. Secondly, you’ll want a microphone so other participants can hear what you say. So make sure your devices are compatible with video calling. Otherwise, you will be left with an experience without any video at all.

And the exact steps you follow when your webcam isn’t working with Skype or any other video conferencing app are the ones that should be taken in this case. That being said, let’s focus on what you can do and how you can test the microphone in Windows 11

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How to see the microphone status in Windows 11?

First, check that your microphone is well connected to the computer. Otherwise, you might experience problems related to this component. Another essential thing to do is make sure the sound doesn’t get turned down on your computer.

This should be extremely simple since current microphones are usually connected to computers via USB cable or Bluetooth or are integrated into the webcam or screen. Whatever the case, if you can intervene analogically, do it, and if not, continue.

From Sound Settings

Once the above has been checked, you can check the mic icon from sound settings.

The best way to manage your system’s volume is through the taskbar. Simply right-click on the speaker icon and then click on Sound settings.

How to test the microphone in Windows 11?

Once you are in that section, you should see a ‘Device now available’ screen. Scroll down and click on the microphone option under Input to start testing.

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How to test the microphone in Windows 11?

On the Properties panel of that microphone, you’ll find a ‘Test your microphone’ feature. So click on Start Test, and try to talk like in a video call.

How to test the microphone in Windows 11?

If the Input Volume is in good condition, you should see a line in blue, moving up and down to indicate the tone in which you are speaking.

How to test the microphone in Windows 11?

At the end of the test, you can find out your overall performance next to the “Finish Test” button, and your score is shown in a specified percentage.

Adjust microphone volume

When we talk about volumes, the ideal result should be around 75% of the volume if you’re speaking normally. As soon as it surpasses that percentage, there’s a chance it will distort the sound.

Whenever that happens, you can click the Input Volume slider and lower the volume, so there is a certain degree of customization to make things nicer for yourself. This is especially true if your microphone doesn’t work well.

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How to test the microphone in Windows 11?

For the rest, if there is no sound coming from the microphone and you’re unable to change its settings or unplug it.


As you may have realized, not seeing any microphones during the test can be indicative of two problems. If you don’t see it even after reconnecting your mic or restarting your PC, check to make sure that your mic is plugged into a jack that has power.

Although there isn’t a driver for this microphone, you might need one. Check the documentation of your specific microphone for whether or not it requires a driver, and if so, download it from the manufacturer’s online store.

Be careful when downloading drivers. Make sure you are downloading them from the official website for the product, and run a malware scan on all the files before installing them. Many fake driver websites on the internet let people download malware.


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