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How to sync your smartphone and fitness bracelet?

How to sync your smartphone and fitness bracelet

Now the question of fitness is the most relevant among girls and guys. And therefore, the demand for fitness bracelets is constantly growing. Like other devices, fitness bracelets work when synchronized with a mobile device. Many people try to connect devices to each other via bluetooth. It is impossible to synchronize devices in this way.

Before pairing, you need to charge your smartphone and bracelet. Typically, bracelets are sold with a charging cord. Using it, the accessory is connected to a laptop, tablet or power bank. On models with a screen, the charging battery symbol will appear. Otherwise, the indicator will start flashing.

How is synchronization done?

The fitness tracker works using a special application installed on a smartphone. The apps are designed for both IOS and Android. You need to download the application from the official store. The exact name of the application can be found in the bracelet instructions. In addition to the name, the instructions will contain a QR code. The code must be scanned through a separate application.

How do I set up an account?

After downloading and installing the application, you need to register or log in. When registering, you need to come up with a password and login. Then it is worth entering personal biometric data. You also need to accept the user agreement and give the application access to the files.

How to pair smartphone and bracelet?

The connection will allow you to view the data taken from the bracelet through the application. For proper synchronization, an internet with a good signal and location are important. Also, the tracker should be near the smartphone. If pairing did not happen during authorization, you need to find the option to start the connection. As a rule, the applications have clear instructions for using the bracelet. The search is carried out through bluetooth. After detection, you must click on the name.

Connecting M3 to a smartphone

M3 is the cheapest bracelet model. In this case it is worth installing “Lefun Health”. For correct pairing you need:

  1. You need to turn on GPS and bluetooth. The wristband should be close to the smartphone.
  2. You need to install and run the application.
  3. For fruitful work, you need to give permission to the application.
  4. After that, the application will automatically find the bracelet.
  5. Then you need to tap on the desired line and the smartphone is synchronized with the tracker.

Sync your M4 with your smartphone

To connect the tracker, you need to install the FitPro application. Next you need:

  1. You need to turn on the GPS and put the bracelet next to the device.
  2. Next, the application is installed. You also need to give the application all the necessary permissions.
  3. You must click on the inscription “register”.
  4. Next, you need to register and log into the created account.
  5. Then the application searches for the tracker.
  6. It remains only to connect.

How do I sync my Jet Sport bracelet?

To synchronize the bracelet, you need to download and install the JetSport Pro application. Next, you need to turn on bluetooth and GPS. Install the appropriate program and grant all required permissions. Next, it is recommended to go to the settings and search for the device via bluetooth. After detection, perform synchronization.

Do you use fitness bracelets?

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