Now among smartphone users, a wireless headset is in special demand. Headphones are sold at different prices. Depending on the price, the devices have different quality and sound. High-quality headphones can work up to 4 hours on a single charge. Some headphone owners note that they have had a sync problem. With such a problem, only one earbud is connected to the smartphone.

How do the headphones sync?

Typically, the device should automatically connect to the smartphone via Bluetooth. When pairing for the first time, the left and right earbuds send a signal to each other to calculate the time. Time in this case represents a complete cycle of data transmission. Synchronization duration depends on the background noise. When determining the exact time, it will be halved. Then you can use the headphones. In some cases, only the right earbud is used to connect to a smartphone. Therefore, the right earbud quickly uses up its charge.

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How to sync the right and left earbuds?

Features of wireless headset sync

As a rule, synchronization is broken if the owner starts using the headset without reading the instructions. And some try to immediately connect the device to a smartphone. To sync properly, you need to reset your headset. To restore factory settings, you must:

  1. First, disconnect the smartphone from the headset. To do this, go to the settings, then bluetooth and click on “Forget device”.
  2. Then take the headset out of the case and press the button for 15 seconds.
  3. When turned on, the device will beep and the indicators will flash.
  4. Blinking means the settings have been reset.
  5. Place the headphones back in the case.

How do I sync my headphones to factory settings?

Features of wireless headset sync

You need to remove the headphones from the case. They should turn on automatically. The indicators will flash and the headset will sync itself. After auto pairing, the left earbud indicator will turn off. And the right one will blink. This means that the pairing was successful and the headphones are ready to be connected. Next, you need to turn on bluetooth on your smartphone. In the list of devices, select the right earpiece.

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How else can I sync my headset?

Features of wireless headset sync

To connect a headset, you need to press the button of one earbud until the indicator turns blue. Then you need to turn on the second liner in the same way. When both indicators start blinking, press the button of the right earbud 2 times. After pairing, the headphones can be connected to the smartphone.

Do you use wireless headphones?


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