Wireless headphones are very comfortable to use. They just need to be connected via Bluetooth. Compared to conventional wires, there will be no tangling or clinging of wires. But Bluetooth headphones can also malfunction, for example, when connecting them.

Various problems can occur when trying to connect wireless headphones to your phone.

How to solve problems with connecting wireless headphones

One of these is the insufficient charge of the headphones themselves. To fix the problem, you need to put them in a case and charge them until they are fully charged.

Another reason for the inability to connect headphones may be pairing with another device. In such a situation, you can solve the problem by resetting the settings on the headphones themselves.

The process of connecting headphones is quite simple. First, you need to remove the headphones from the case, press the power button (it is located on the case of the headphones themselves), wait for the sound signal and the indicator light up. Then turn on the Bluetooth connection on the smartphone, which, upon startup, will automatically find the included wireless headphones and display their name on the screen. After clicking on the line with the name of the headset, the connection of the headphones will begin and “Connected” will be displayed at the bottom of the line. After this operation, you can check if the connection was successful.

If there are several devices at home that use Bluetooth, then to reconnect the headphones to another device, press and hold the power button of the headphones for a few seconds. The indicator on the earphones will blink actively and the search for other devices with activated Bluetooth will start. To start working with the headphones, you will need to find their name in the new device and connect.

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How to solve problems with connecting wireless headphones

You can connect wireless headphones to your laptop as follows. In order to open the control panel, press the WIN and R keys on the keyboard simultaneously, write “Control” in the window that appears and press “Ok”. In the control panel that appears on the top right, select the item “Small icons” and then find the section “Power supply”. By clicking on the item “Power supply” there you need to select “High performance”, where to the right of this item you need to click “Setting the power supply scheme”. In this section, select the item “Change advanced power settings”, after which another window will open in which there is an item “Bluetooth”, opposite which must be “+”, which indicates that its work is allowed on the device. After the operations performed, you must save the settings and you can start using the wireless headphones.

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