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How to Show the Taskbar on Secondary Display on Windows 11: 3 Easy Steps

This article will help you learn how to show the taskbar on all monitors (Primary + Secondary) when using Windows 11. As a default setting, when you add a second monitor and extend your Windows display, the taskbar is shown on just the primary (Windows Explorer or File Explorer) monitor. Keep reading to learn how to show the taskbar on the extended display!

Windows 11 includes tons of customization options that allow you to choose how your screens look and behave. You can customize the taskbar specifically for your second monitor or turn it off altogether.

When working on a second monitor, you can resize the taskbar and place it near the edge. This way, you won’t always have to go to your primary display to access minimized or start apps from the taskbar.

The latest Windows 11 has many great features and a modern desktop. You can find a centered Start menu and taskbar, rounded corners, windows, and themes to help your computer look modern.

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To get the taskbar on the second monitor up, follow these steps:

How to show Windows 11 taskbar on second monitor

Windows 11 makes it possible to move the taskbar to the second monitor. To do so:

Windows 11 has a one-stop shop for all its system configuration needs. You can add new users, configure the system and update Windows, all from the Settings menu in the start menu.

Step 1: To get to the “Settings” in Windows, you can use the Windows + I keyboard shortcut or click on “Start” ==> Settings as shown in the screenshot below:

Alternatively, you can use the search box on the taskbar and search Settings to open it.

Step 2: The Windows Settings pane should resemble the image below. After opening the Windows settings, go to Personalization and then to Taskbar on the right pane of your screen.

Step 3: On the Taskbar settings pane, click on the right bottom arrow ‘V,’ then check the box for “Show my taskbar on all displays” to enable the taskbar on the second monitor.

Changes should take effect immediately.

That should do it!


I hope this guide on How to Show the Taskbar on Secondary Display on Windows 11 was easy. If you face any issues, please comment below.

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