The uses of blockchain have expanded. However, it was not considered a system for developing cryptocurrencies from the beginning. Since 1991 it has been considered a secure method of sharing data and information. And today, it is possible to easily share all kinds of files by uploading them to the blockchain network. Using a link, the person will perform the download smoothly.

What is blockchain?

Generally, when talking about blockchain, we think only of cryptocurrencies, but this term encompasses a much broader technology than is known. It is an encryption system and is defined as a decentralized database. That is, it is distributed in different nodes. Through this, you can make all kinds of secure transactions.

This technology is not something new. Its origin was in 1991. However, it did not achieve great notoriety. With the appearance of Bitcoin in 2008, the term became relevant, relating at all times to cryptocurrency. For this system to work, all nodes must be connected. This is how transactions can be verified and validated to register the block.

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How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
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Within the same block, a large number of valid transactions are stored. It also includes all the information related to this block. And each contains a hash. This is a unique code, considered as the identification of the block. Through this, communication between the different blocks is achieved. In this way, it is recognized that each one has a specific place in the chain.

How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain

How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain: BlackHole File Transfer

When we talk about blockchain, the first thing that comes to mind is cryptocurrencies, but it has been recognized that their uses are broader. This is a security method for protecting information. This is how it has been considered the ideal system to achieve file transfer safely. And among the options that have been considered, we can highlight BlackHole File Transfer, an exclusive computer program.

How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain

The reality is that the Internet has become an insecure site. Finding ways to send information without the risk of an attack has become very difficult. However, with this application, many problems can be avoided since its operation is based on the blockchain network. The data that is sent is encrypted and then uploaded to this network. But to download the file, it is necessary to provide the download link to the recipient. For this reason, it is why it is considered a secure and private method of sharing information.

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Send files anonymously with blockchain using BlackHole File Transfer

When working with blockchain, it will always be necessary to have a program or application to access information. If you talk about file transfer, you can think of BlackHole File Transfer among the first options. Sending files through this app is pretty straightforward.

How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
  • Once you click on Sign-up, you will be asked to link your Blockstack account. If you do not have one, you can easily create it. Click Continue with Blockstack.
How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
  • You will now see a set of keys (that is your password to login to Blockstack, please save it somewhere safe).
How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
  • Once saved, click I’ve Saved it.
How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
  • Now you can simply start uploading your files.
How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain

Note: With the free plan, you have some limits with BlackHole

How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
  • When you need to transfer a file, click on Add your files to start uploading. You click Upload file and choose what you want to share. There will be no need to wait for it to load to share the download link fully.
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How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain
  • Copy the link and share it with anyone you like.
How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain

It is considered a way to share downloadable information anonymously or privately because it is not necessary to hand over any critical data to access the file. The download can be made by simply delivering that link to the recipient.


I hope this guide on How to Send Files Anonymously with Blockchain was easy. BlackHole is one of the best methods available to send your files anonymously and securely.

If you face any issues, please comment down below.


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