Shazam is one of the most downloaded applications for online music identification. Developers improve the software regularly, expanding its functionality, adding interesting features. The interface is convenient and friendly, there are no problems with it.

How to search for music in the Shazam application


The competitive advantage of Shazam is the search for a song in a few seconds, even if the user does not know its name and artist.

The second feature is automatic background listening. This option allows you to identify the song without opening the app on your smartphone. This means that the battery will hold a charge longer. The option really works – hundreds of users checked and left reviews.

Other noteworthy features include the online text version of the song, and YouTube search for music videos for that song.

The application will help the user to find and recognize music in real time, watch a video clip and share content with friends.

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The program is free, it can be downloaded to mobile devices running Android and iOS. Previously, there was a version for Windows, but it worked unstable, there were many lags, so the developers abandoned it.

After downloading the program, you can start using it, as hundreds of millions of users around the world do. The number of downloads is constantly growing.

The secret of the name

How to search for music in the Shazam application

Perhaps the popularity is due to the apt name of the software. As one of the developers Chris Barton explained, in the linguistic dictionary “Shazam” is interpreted as an exclamation that is uttered during magical rites and rituals.

The creators of the app decided that the name was right for them, because artificial intelligence recognition of music is magic.

How to use?

After downloading and launching the application on your smartphone (tablet), you need to bring the device to the sound source and press the button. It is located in the center of the monitor.

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“Shazam”, listening to the melody, will create its digital impression and send it to the central server. There, the search algorithm will compare it with the millions of tracks added to the database.

As soon as the application identifies the melody, the user can see its name, artist, and other reference information on the smartphone display.

The search does not always return results. It cannot be 100% recognizable, because it is impossible to add all existing songs to the database. But according to the results of repeated testing, Shazam outpaced many similar ones, identifying the largest number of tracks.

Do you use this or a similar application?


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