Every mobile gadget comes with a built-in memory system of a certain size. In order to expand the volume, you can insert an “SD card”. When a user downloads the “Application” to a mobile device, it is automatically saved to the “Storage” of the gadget.

What is the correct way to save downloaded applications to the “Memory Card”?

When a user downloads an application using the Play Market, the message “Install” is first displayed on the screen, after that the application is downloaded to the mobile device and saved to the device’s memory. There are several ways to download mobile programs directly to the SD card.

In order for the application to be automatically saved where it is necessary, you need to change in the “Settings” section the window called “Data storage location”.

You need to do the following:

  1. Go to the “Settings” section and find the line “Memory”;
  2. Then you need to click on the cell “Installation location” and enter the “SD card”.

Everything is very simple. After downloading, the file will be automatically saved to the flash drive storage, but the Play Store program will save the information to the system memory.

Installing the application on the “Memory card” in the Android system

After completing the above steps, you should uninstall the Play-Market software update. You need to enter the “Settings” section and select the “Applications” item. Then you need to scroll through the tabs and find the “All” box. After that, find the Play-Market program in the list, click on it and in the parameters click on “Delete updates”. Sometimes it happens that you need to confirm the deletion several times. After that, you can re-enter the application and download the desired file.

In order to download an application on Android without installing additional programs, you should perform a number of the following actions:

  1. Enter “Settings” and find the line with the inscription “About phone”, and click it.
  2. After that, you need to find the line “Device version” and press it without stopping seven clicks in a row; this must be done in order to enter the “Developer Mode”.
  3. Next, you need to re-enter the settings section and select the extension settings item; enter the “For Developers” window, click and select “Allow saving”. In this case, the “SD card” optimization function must be enabled.

When downloading files, use a mobile browser. The downloaded files will be automatically saved to the “SD card” space.

Where do you store the downloaded applications on your mobile device?

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