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How to Run Windows 11 on Android Phone?

How to Run Windows 11 on Android Phone?

In this article, we will learn how to run Windows 11 on Android. By the way, Windows 11 has been officially presented, and we will get the most stable Windows 11 update by the first week of October.

Windows 11 is crazy! People had been waiting for Windows 11 for a long time, and it is finally here. After years of anticipation and silence from Microsoft, it was finally released in July 2021, and everyone loved it.

Microsoft first released it in Windows 11 Beta Version, and it was officially released worldwide only after a few days. One question people may ask is whether or not this application can be installed on Android devices.

If you’re into technology, then you know that Windows 11 is Microsoft’s most significant update ever. You’ll need powerful hardware to run it, too. It’s also an OS – an Operating System.

So if you’re still confused about wondering how to install Windows 11 on Android, don’t worry. Please read this post because we have shared the simplest method to enjoy Windows 11 on Android Phones.

Windows 11 in Android is This Possilble?

As I have told you above that Windows 11 is the operating system for a laptop. And Windows 11 is operated by Microsoft company. But when it comes to running Windows 11 in Android Mobile. So a question runs in everyone’s mind that “Can I run Windows 11 on my android smartphone?”.

So the answer to this question is that you can’t run Windows 11 software on an Android phone. However, the method I have shared below will help you experience Windows 11 on Android smartphones. Follow the steps on how you can get Windows 11 running on your Android device. You won’t need to think too hard about it!

Well, these days, many authors are creating Windows 11 apps, and they’re available online to download for free. However, many of them are also scams. You might mistakenly download one and install it on your phone.

How to Install Windows 11 on Android Phone?

Step 1: To run Windows 11 on your android phone, you must first download the “Windows 11 Launcher” app on your phone. The link to download the app is given below.

Download Computer Launcher 2

Step 2: Install and open the app.

Step 3: Set this as the home launcher.

Conclusion: Windows 11 on Android

Windows 11 is now available on Android! Get the same great experience, along with access to more of your favorite apps. To get started, head over to the Google Play Store and download the “Windows” app.

I just wanted to say that this is not the full Windows 11. It’s an app that will help you get a Windows-like experience on your Android phone, soon launching.

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