Apple has launched a new service to make it easier to disable Activation Lock on Apple devices. As Reddit users have noticed, Apple now has a dedicated web page with three ways to remove Activation Lock. The company suggests how you can remove iPhone activation lock and allows you to contact the specialists if the user has problems with the Activation Lock. However, attackers are unlikely to use this service since you will still need to confirm that you own the device.

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How To Remove iPhone Activation Lock? 3 Easy Ways

The new site will help users remove the activation lock. But only to owners

How to remove iPhone activation lock?

The easiest way to remove Activation Lock is to log in with your Apple ID and the password to which the device is linked. However, if you know your email address but forgot your password, Apple has a unique password recovery service. After you set a new password, you can log in to the device with the latest data and remove the activation lock.

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Disable iphone activation lock

Apple offers 3 ways to remove iPhone Activation Lock.

In most cases, users who want to remove Activation Lock do not know their Apple ID or password. For this, Apple launched a website where you can quickly contact the company’s specialists. Experts will only help in the following cases:

  • You must be the owner of the device – you will need proof of purchase. The document must include the product serial number, IMEI, or MEID.
  • Apple will not be able to unlock a device that is corporate or educational. If your device is part of a corporate system, contact the company’s IT department or manager.
  • Your device should not be in Lost Mode.

If your device meets these criteria, go to this page and request removing the activation lock with a specialist’s help. Apple will ask for your email address and device serial number, IMEI, or MEID. You can then submit a request, and Apple will contact you via email.

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How To Remove iPhone Activation Lock? 3 Easy Ways

Apple will verify the entered data, and experts will contact you.

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What is Activation Lock?

Activation Lock is designed to prevent unauthorized people from using your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch if it is lost or stolen. It turns on automatically when you turn on Find My iPhone.

Activation Lock helps protect your device even if it’s in the wrong hands and can increase your chances of regaining access to it. Even if you delete data from your device remotely, Activation Lock can still protect your device from being reactivated without your permission.

There are many reasons why you might need to remove iPhone Activation Lock on a device. For example, if you want to sell or donate it. But sometimes, the activation lock is turned on not only on lost devices but also on those in the hands of their actual owners.

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This is typically done by hackers who hack Apple IDs, block iPhones and demand a ransom from their owners. Apple hopes to make it easier for users to return accounts by launching a new service.


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