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How to recover data from a faulty memory card

How to recover data from a faulty memory card

As a personal computer is used, unfortunately, the user sooner or later encounters certain work difficulties. In the vast majority of cases, the latter may be due to a malfunction of the DVD player, low sound from the speaker, or, more often, in a non-working SD card. However, you should not worry in advance! The impossibility of full operation of the device does not always mean that the necessary information is lost. If you have a clear understanding of the order of actions in this situation, then even for a novice user, it will not be at all difficult to extract data from a faulty SD card.

The operational notification system informs about the breakdown of the SD card in several ways, among which the following can be distinguished:

  • SD-card cannot be seen, not opened, not detected in case of a direct user command. The data stored on it is not retrievable and cannot be duplicated or viewed.
  • The SD card is displayed in the corresponding window. However, when pressed, the system gives an error about the impossibility of its functioning;
  • An SD card is inserted into the slot of the device, but there is a regular “Insert disc” alert that often does not respond to “OK” or “Cancel.”

First of all, you need to find out whether the fault really lies in the memory card. With prolonged use of the device, physical imperfections in the equipment may occur. To view the definition of an SD card, right-click on the “My Computer” panel, followed by “Management” and “Disk Management.”

In this situation, the most typical phenomena showing errors in the memory card’s operation will be displays about 31 MB, 7 GB, and 128 GB of N GB instead of the actual one. Often one has to deal with a situation when information about its full or partial filling is displayed on a card free of files. It should be understood that the programs for maintaining the device will be absolutely powerless. To restore information in the event of a malfunction of the SD card, you will have to open the case, remove the memory chip, read it on the programmer, which will allow you to restore data from the archives.

Of course, such an operation is not possible at home for the vast majority of users. The system should be taken to a service center for the repair of equipment, and the cost of the operation varies between 40-80 thousand rubles. The fact is that the memory microcircuit body is a single material, which in the slang of repairmen bears the name “monolith.” A hot air soldering station is required to process it, which solders the conductor under the microscope.

The next step is to test the programmer’s microcircuit, capable of connecting small pieces of information into a single whole. This is because the data is recorded in small units for even wear of the memory cells.

Have you faced SD card malfunction problems?

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