Sometimes you can be a professional and just a competent, versatile person, but not know basic things. For example, not every person knows how to print a picture or picture on two A4 sheets.

There are many additional programs that can help you solve some problems and make it easier to manage your electronic device. There is a resource that helps you create beautiful posters or pictures that will consist of many elements in A4 format.

The Rasterbator Program

How to print an A4 image on multiple pages

A link to it can be found on the Internet.

The site is designed in a foreign language. This is its only drawback. If you use step by step instructions, everything is very simple.

How to print an A4 image on multiple pages

  1. On the main page of the service, you must click on the box – “Create your poster”.
  2. Then a certain form will appear on the display where you can add pictures. It is also possible to insert not the pictures themselves, but only their links.
  3. To search for images on a computer device, click on the “Upload” box.How to print an A4 image on multiple pages
  4. After the selected pictures appear on the screen, they will be divided into parts. The display will show only one image at a time. In the background, you will see a human silhouette, whose height is one hundred and eighty centimeters. This is necessary so that there is a comparison of the added image and the one that will be released in reality.
  5. On the left side you can find additional settings. It is possible to add effects to the picture.
  6. Then you should click on the “Rasterbate pages” button. It will indicate the number of pages that came out as a result.
  7. The last step is saving the file.
  8. The finished image can be printed.How to print an A4 image on multiple pages
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Another method involves printing the image on several A4 sheets using Excel.

  • you need to enter the program “Excel”;
  • then select “Insert” on the top left side and add the desired image;How to print an A4 image on multiple pages
  • then you need to click on “View” and select the “Page layout” box;
  • after that, you need to stretch the drawing to the desired size; if you move the picture, you can see the number of pages used;
  • then click “File” and select “Print”; only after that it becomes possible to click on “Preview”;How to print an A4 image on multiple pages
  • the last step is to click on the “Print” button in the main menu.

Have you tried to print an A4 size photograph on several pages?


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