The phone is conveniently placed in a stand on the table, you can work in parallel and watch videos. Everything is very well thought out, when suddenly, according to the hero of one popular cartoon: “In the most interesting place …”, the screen goes blank.

Why is this happening? Maybe the gadget needs recharging or it needs to be urgently carried to the workshop? This situation is familiar to most users. It is aggravated by the fact that often the hands are dirty or wet and therefore it is impossible to touch the screen. But what about this case? And what lies behind this behavior of the phone.

The reason may be that being in a calm state, the phone simply went into “sleep mode”.

How to prevent the phone screen from going dark

Manufacturers provide such a function as saving the phone’s charge. If the screen is active, then this significantly affects the battery charge, which is why such a saving system works.

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In addition, the screen is locked. Thus, you can be sure that while the phone is on the table in the office, without the owner’s supervision, no one will be able to use it for their own purposes and get the user’s personal information.

But most often, people think about safety only when the problem itself arises, and before that it is much more important to watch videos without any interference.

Therefore, the manufacturers decided to increase the blocking interval and you can do it yourself, focusing on your own preferences.

The time setting is provided on Android OS. To do this, go to the “Settings”, “Screen” section and this is where the “Screen timeout” option will be located. The approximate interval is 30 minutes.

How to prevent the phone screen from going blank

If we consider other phone models, then you can go to the desired section through “Display”, “Additional” and “Sleep mode”.

Or another option is “Screen brightness”, then “Auto-lock”. For the Xiaomi model, the “Sleep Mode” option is required. It can be found in the “Blocking and Protection” section.

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If Android is standard, then you can turn off screen fading altogether.

To prevent the phone from switching off during recharging, the following function is provided. You need to go to the “For Developers” section, mark “Do not turn off the screen” and you can be sure that there will be no unpleasant surprises.

Do you often have to tune your phone so that it does not lock at the most inopportune moment? Do you think this is a useful feature or should it be discarded?


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