I think you’ve heard that Pavel Durov intended to add support for games to Telegram, turning the messenger into a super-application with a built-in game service. However, Apple twisted it, explaining that all games that are part of any iOS application must be placed in the App Store. In this way, will it be possible to ensure users’ safety and compliance with developers’ requirements? To say that it was offensive is to say nothing. But Telegram games appeared anyway.

How to play games on Telegram?
How to play games on Telegram?

Apple did not allow Telegram to be turned into a gaming service, but games are still there.

Few people know that Telegram has long had games that can be accessed through a particular bot. It has been around for several years now, allowing messenger users to pass the time with indie games. I am telling you how to add them to yourself to run when there is too much free time.

Telegram Game Bot

How to play games on Telegram? Best Selection

@gamee is just a bot, and you need to install it not as an application but as a bot

  • Open “Popular Games” or “Categories” to open the entire catalog;
  • Find the game you are interested in and start it by pressing the “Play” button.
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The @gamee bot includes several dozen games of different directions, including races, puzzles, arcades, action, sports, and much more. Almost every game in the range can be played with friends. Some allow you to compete in real-time, while others only allow you to compare your achievements.

Select a category and find a game to your liking.

How to play games on Telegram? Best Selection

The easiest way to invite a friend to the game is to mention the @gamee bot in the dialogue. Then select the game that will be offered to you, wait for consent from a friend, and start playing. There are no special requirements for the players – the invitee does not even have to install a bot for himself, which may be a serious advantage since they do not like to add anything to their contact list.

Even though games from @gamee are not downloaded to the device, it is obvious that the cloud is processing them. In any case, it can take up to several seconds from the moment you press the Play button, which starts the game, to the actual launch.

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How to play games on Telegram? Best Selection

Games from @gamee can be played with friends.

Most likely, the time it takes to process and run can vary depending on the speed of your internet connection. But do not think that you will have to wait very long – all games, without exception, are executed in pixel graphics, weighing nothing.

Best Telegram games to play in 2021.

If you wonder how the Telegram developers managed to bypass Apple’s rules and shove games into the messenger, the answer is no way. They had to place @gamee in the App Store as an app, which opens access to the same games as the bot. It’s just that in both cases, access to games is implemented differently.

How to play games on Telegram? Best Selection

The graphics in games from @gamee leaves a lot to be desired, but this one has its own charm.

In the application, users are invited to fight for a win, and the whole process is periodically interrupted by advertising inserts. There is nothing like that in Telegram. No matter how much you play, there will be no ads. Also, there are no in-app purchases in the messenger. Obviously, the developers did this on purpose so as not to deduct the Apple commission.

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Even though I barely play mobile games, the @gamee content was able to captivate me. After trying a dozen games, I chose a couple of races and Gravity Ninja 2. At first glance, it might seem that @gamee gives access to primitive toys for first graders.

But it quickly becomes apparent that they are delaying in the first place because of their complexity. After all, instant-app graphics will not surprise users, but the gameplay’s complexity is manageable.


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