The bokeh effect is a technique used to blur the background of an image and thus give a greater sense of depth, highlighting the object or person that appears in the foreground. Today, however, we will talk about the opposite, that is, to blur or pixelate directly the face of a person to maintain their anonymity and that they cannot be recognized.

Currently, several techniques can help us pixelate a face. From the simplest, using Windows applications such as the classic Paint, to free online tools designed specifically for this purpose or more professional editors such as Photoshop, GIMP, and the like.

Method 1: How to blur a face on PC (using MS-Paint)

If we work with a Windows PC and want to pixelate a face quickly and without complications, we have to open MS-Paint and perform several operations.

  • Open the Microsoft Paint program. Note: If you can’t find it, type “mspaint” in the Windows taskbar search engine and it will appear in the search results.
  • Upload the image or photo you want to pixelate.
  • Activate the “Select” tool and make a box on the face of the person you want to pixelate.
  • Then click on“Resize”. Select the“Pixels” check box and note the horizontal and vertical values of the selection.
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How to pixelate or blur a face in a photograph: 3 Easy Ways
  • Now, replace the value “Horizontal” and “Vertical” with one-tenth of its current value. For example, if the horizontal selection is 365 pixels, change it to 36 pixels. The smaller this value, the greater the degree of pixelation.
How to pixelate or blur a face in a photograph: 3 Easy Ways
  • Finally, click on “Resize” again and check the “Pixels” box. Make sure that this time you also deactivate the “Maintain aspect ratio” box.
  • Returns the “Horizontal” and “Vertical” values to their original size. For example, if when reducing the image we had a selection of 36 x 51 pixels (10% of the original size), re-enter the initial values of 365 x 517 pixels.
How to pixelate or blur a face in a photograph: 3 Easy Ways

With this trick, we reduce a part of the image (in this case, a person’s face) and enlarge it again. During the process of resizing the image, the definition is lost, achieving the long-awaited pixelation effect. Reducing the size to 10% is enough to maintain anonymity, although if we apply a more significant reduction, the pixelation effect will be much more noticeable.

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Method 2: How to blur a face using free online tools

If you prefer to use a web application to perform the pixelation and blur process, you can also resort to these free tools:

  • Face Pixelizer: With this utility we can blur or pixelate a part of an image, whether it is the face of a person or any other private data that we do not want to be shown in the eyes of everyone. It has a great advantage, and that is that it has an automatic face detector to speed up the process. Of course, the app is free and can be used by visiting its official website. If you don’t want to complicate your life, this is the easiest way to blur a person’s face in a matter of seconds.
How to pixelate or blur a face in a photograph: 3 Easy Ways

Online PNG Tools: Another free and super easy to use the tool. Load the image and move the box to the part of the photo you want to pixelate or blur. Click on “Save as” to download the modified image, and you’re done. You can use the pixelate tool HERE and the blur tool HERE. 

Note: All images will be downloaded in PNG format.

How to pixelate or blur a face in a photograph: 3 Easy Ways
  • LunaPic: With LunaPic you can upload an image from your device or directly enter the URL of an image that is uploaded to the internet. Click on the cropping tool, draw a rectangle on the person’s face and click on the “Effects” button. In “Effect” choose the “Pixelate” or “Blur” effect and hit “Apply Effect” to apply the filter. 

    Enter LunaPic.
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How to pixelate or blur a face in a photograph: 3 Easy Ways

Method 3: How to blur a face on Android phone

If you are going to use your mobile to pixelate or blur faces, the best thing you can do is install a dedicated app, especially if it is a task that you will often perform. One of the simplest and best rated is Blur Face.

This is a very straightforward tool. It can detect the faces of a photograph automatically and allows anonymization with three censorship options available: blur, pixelated and black square. It also has a manual function in case the AI does not detect the desired face.

I’m sure there are many other tools to preserve the anonymity of people in photographs. If I have left any important in the inkwell, do not hesitate to leave your recommendation in the comments area.


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