Windows built-in tools won’t be enough here. We will tell you the easiest way to open files of this type on different devices.

You have probably noticed that there is a certain sequence of characters in each file’s name after a period. For example, .jpg, .exe, .dll and so on. It is an indicator that allows us and the operating system to determine the type of data. By default, Windows has a large number of built-in tools that can open the most popular formats. However, some extensions are rare, and you will not be able to open them using standard OS tools. One of the prime examples is the .djvu  format or an alternative. djv.

Both extensions hide scanned documents inside themselves: books, magazines, manuscripts. The competitor is PDF technology. However, it loses to the first two in terms of the volume occupied. That is why Djvu is so popular to this day. There are several ways to open it.

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How to open DjVu format on the computer?

The easiest method is to use internet services and open the DjVu file online. Fortunately, there are now a vast number of resources with similar functionality. You need to open the desired site, upload the desired file, and start the process. After a little processing, you will be able to see the text of the document. Thus, you can open almost any document, not only text.

However, in this case, every time you want to return to work with DjVu data, you will have to perform the file upload operation again. Therefore, it is much easier to convert DjVu to pdf and already on the computer itself using Adobe Acrobat Reader (or its analogs) to open the file. The network is also full of conversion services. For convenience, you can install an extension that allows you to modify formats—for example, Convertio.

How to open DjVu files?

The software is free, but there are restrictions on the number of conversions per day. More than 300 formats are supported. There are also advanced settings that allow you to select quality, aspect ratio, codec, and other parameters. You can even do simple photo and video editing. If your browser does not support this extension, you can use a similar online version on the site. A paid subscription removes the limit on the size of processed files and the number of simultaneous operations and allows you not to wait in line. 

However, if you work with a large number of DjVu files regularly, then each time, it is not very convenient to convert data using the extension because it takes a lot of time. It is much easier and faster to use the services of free programs that open djv in one click. Below we will tell you how to open DjVu files on a computer using specialized software.

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Djvu extension utilities

There are a lot of them. You can use any of the following options:

  • DjVu Reader. Perhaps the most popular tool for working with text documents, since it has existed for a very long time. The application does not require installation and has an English interface language.
  • STDU Viewer. The software can open not only text but also graphic formats. There is a document search. Installation is not required since you can download the portable version on the site.
  • Sumatra PDF. Based on the name, it can be understood that the utility can work not only with DjVu files. It supports all the most common e-book extensions and can be used as a universal tool. 
  • Universal Viewer Pro. Among analogs, it stands out for its support of files larger than 4 GB. Also, the utility can play audio and video files. It is also possible to print documents.

How to open DjVu on iPhone and Android?

Since the smartphone market is larger than the desktop market, almost every program has a counterpart suitable for portable gadgets. For example, the above DjVu Reader can be found in the Play Store and the App Store. It is worth mentioning that mobile applications’ functionality is not as rich as in full-fledged versions for desktops. 

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Don’t forget to grant the app permission to file storage. Most of these programs contain ads, but their amount can be minimized if you turn off the Internet. 


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