Facebook is a social networking platform that allows users to connect with their friends worldwide. It’s now commonly used for business and personal communications.  Advertisers also capitalize on its extensive market coverage.

Users create free profiles, whether for personal or business purposes.  FB users can share pictures, hashtags, articles, and movies, including views and opinions about most talked about events. The pandemic has increased the usefulness of Facebook for students, employees, and families.

Facebook is even used by youngsters extensively for their school and other social activities.  But, news of unruly FB posts and shoutouts allegedly caused anxiety and other psychological problems for kids using social media. 

As a medium, this platform was initially foreseen to help a free interflow of ideas. Today, however, parents have to ensure that children correctly use the FB platform to keep them safe from harmful sites that may influence and affect their studies and emotional growth.  Luckily, there are discreet yet effective ways to monitor your child’s FB activities, and they’ll be discussed in detail below. Read on!

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Some Tips To Monitor Your Child’s Facebook Activity Discreetly

Visit Your Child’s Profile

Your child’s Facebook activities will be reflected on their profile, including their posts and communications with their friends.  Such pieces of information will be recorded on your child’s activity timeline, and on the app and web activity card on their dashboard. You can see when they accessed Facebook and how much time they spent on a particular social networking site.

Install Spy Applications

There are a lot of reliable spy applications or software that you can use for your child’s phone today. These applications allow you to view photos, videos, and other materials shared on Facebook. The spyware enables you to read all the messages tagged or communicated to your child’s FB account.  The software will also help you track every contact your child has on the platform.

That said, parents can install spy software to ensure proper FB use of their children.  Some of these spy apps can even spy on Facebook messages free without the target phone. These apps also allow parents to view their kids’ browsing history, address book, and many other activities without the children knowing about it.

How To Monitor Your Child's Facebook Activity Discreetly

Activate Alerts 

A well-known Facebook feature is its notification system, which notifies you of every friend’s activity on the site, particularly that of your child. You can ‘follow’ your child’s profile using your own Facebook account. It’ll set up a conversation alert to notify you whenever your kid posts something in the app. 

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First, check to see if you’ve been added as a ‘friend’ by your child. This way, you’ll get notifications on every activity your child does on FB, including mentions and tags by friends. 

Aside from activating alerts, there are phone trackers, like the eyeZY app, that have monitoring features that’ll allow you to trace all of your child’s social media interactions. They can give you access to all messages, including deleted communications.

Set Time Limits

Time is an essential factor in monitoring your child’s Facebook activities. Setting a time limit would be a great idea. Restrictions on FB usage will make your kid feel that it’s not an unlimited commodity. Also, ensure that you’re with them whenever they’re using FB to guide them while browsing the platform. It’ll be an added bonding time if you browse their favorite apps with them, aside from discreetly monitoring their activities.

Talk and agree with your child about the time of the day when they can use the Facebook app. Setting the time limit will also limit your child’s exposure to adult and junk posts that may endanger their understanding of some issues. 

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To Sum It Up

Protecting your child from the negativities of Facebook is why you install trackers and spy apps. It’s also a must to set the time when they can use FB. Children must be guided whenever they receive or read rude remarks on social media, although it’d be better if they don’t get to read them as much as possible because of their ill effects. Otherwise, it’d be best if you’re there to explain and teach your children how to react to, as well as  understand unpleasant remarks and posts. 

Studies show that Facebook has advantages, especially when it comes to communication. But, there have been many incidents of bullying and anxiety disorders due to FB.  Installing a spy application will help you protect your children from the evil side of the said social media platform. 


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