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How to Mirror your iPhone Screen to a PC: Complete Guide

How to Mirror your iPhone Screen to a PC: Complete Guide

Mirroring the screen of an iPhone on a PC can seem like a daunting task, and users wonder, “Will I be able to stream an iPhone screen to a computer using Bluetooth?” Fortunately, anyone can do that. There are a few simple ways to help you mirror your iPhone to your PC. If you don’t know how to do it, don’t worry. Here we share the best ways to help you easily mirror your iPhone to PC using Bluetooth. Let’s get started!

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Part 1: With Bluetooth

How to Mirror and Control iPhone in Windows 10/11 Using Bluetooth and MirrorTo

When it comes to establishing a connection between iPhone and PC using Bluetooth, iMyFone MirrorTo is one of the best tools for this. The tool has a simple interface and will help to mirror the iPhone to the PC screen using Bluetooth. In addition, you can broadcast the iOS screen to a PC in real-time. Even if you are not an advanced PC user, you will use this tool without much effort and additional difficulties. Just follow the guide below.

The steps to follow to mirror your iPhone to your PC using Bluetooth using the MirrorTo tool are:

Step 1: From the beginning, you need to launch iMyFone MirrorTo. You can get it on the official website. Install and run it.

Step 2: Make sure your PC and iPhone are connected to the same Wi-Fi network. In the phone operating system selection window, select “iOS.”

Step 3: Now allow the MirrorTo application to access the firewall for the domain, public and private network.

Step 4: Select the “iOS Screen Casting” option and go to the control center of your iPhone. Here you need to select Screen Mirroring and “MirroTo” to start the screen casting process.

Step 5: Now, using Bluetooth, establish a connection with the computer. After that, you will see the screen of your iPhone on the big screen and be able to control your phone from the computer.

Part 2: Without Bluetooth

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iPhone Mirroring in Windows 10/11 Without Bluetooth using Third-Party Tools

If you don’t want to use Bluetooth to mirror your screen, don’t worry. Because other apps can do the same thing without using Bluetooth. Apps you can use:


AirServer is one of the best apps to date to mirror the iPhone screen on a PC. You can use it both for games and applications and for watching movies and photos. The best part is that this app has a simple interface to help you seamlessly access all the features. The developers did an excellent job creating the application so that users could get a smooth experience.



LonelyScreen acts as an AirPlay receiver for PC/MAC. You will be surprised to know that this application has an innovative interface and satisfies all the user’s needs if it is necessary to mirror the iPhone without Bluetooth on the PC. Apart from this, the app also has a screen capture option. Here is a video tutorial you can use:


Part 3: Without Bluetooth

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Mirror/Share iPhone Screen with Mac using Apps

Aside from sharing the iPhone screen on Windows, some users will be curious if they can easily share the iPhone screen with the Mac OS. Yes, let’s take a look at the best apps available.

QuickTime Player:

QuickTime Player is one of the most significant applications. This application successfully handles various digital formats, which means that the user does not need to install several programs on his device. The application has so many features, which makes it indispensable for many users.


Mirroring360 Sender:

Mirroring360 is an application for screen mirroring. Mirroring360 is designed for teachers, students, and business presentations, and this application’s ease of use and speed of exchange are the main advantages.

This new technology allows you to mirror the screen on any device, such as a desktop computer, laptop, tablet, or mobile phone. Mirroring360 Sender is designed to make remote work more productive and enjoyable for all parties involved. It can be used by employees working remotely to collaborate with their colleagues in the office or companies that need to provide remote service to their customers.



Mirroring the screen of an iPhone on a PC using Bluetooth is one of the easiest ways to enjoy content on the big screen freely. Well, we suggest you consider iMyFone MirrorTo for these purposes. This app has a simple interface and allows users to enjoy content on the big screen without any delays or other issues.

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