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How to Mine Ethereum Using Norton 360 Antivirus: Easy Guide

How to Mine Ethereum Using Norton 360 Antivirus: Easy Guide

The Norton Crypto service in Norton 360 antivirus allows you to mine Ethereum during PC downtime safely. The user device will run in the Norton Crypto miner pool. You can monitor your earnings in the Norton Crypto Wallet cloud wallet.


Cryptocurrency mining comes with serious security risks. There is still a possibility of losing wallets due to a hard drive failure, hacking an account due to disabling the device’s security systems, or installing potential malware that can steal personal information and cryptocurrency.

The Norton Crypto service allows you to mine Ethereum during PC downtime safely. The user device will work in the Norton Crypto miner pool, providing high efficiency and allowing all users to share rewards. You can monitor your earnings in the Norton Crypto Wallet, stored in the cloud space, and protected from hard drive failure.

How to Mine Ethereum Using Norton 360 Antivirus: Step by Step Guide

  1. Open Norton device security product.
  2. In the My Norton window, find the prompt to turn your PC’s idle time to cash. Clicking “Show me how” will show you the following.
  3. In the screen that appears, please read through our License and Services Agreement before clicking on Agree & Get Started.

How to Transfer your Earning?

You can transfer Ethereum (ETH) from your Norton Crypto Wallet to your Coinbase account. Coinbase is a cryptocurrency exchange where you can buy and sell crypto. You will follow these instructions to convert to ETH:

  1. In the Norton Wallet dashboard, click on “Norton Dashboard.”
  2. To sign in, head to the dashboard and click “Sign In.” If you’re not logged in to your account, you’ll be prompted for authentication.
  3. In your wallet tab, select ETH from the drop-down menu and press Withdraw.
    – If you have not enabled two-factor authentication on your Norton account, the Withdraw option will appear disabled. To enable it, please see FAQ: How to enable two-factor authentication for your account first.
    – If you are setting up two-factor authentication (2FA) for the first time, the Withdraw option will be activated after 24 hours.
  4. Sign in to your Coinbase account and follow the on-screen instructions.

Norton Crypto: Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to the most popular questions.

What is Norton Crypto?

Norton Crypto is a feature available in Norton 360 that allows you to mine cryptocurrency when your computer is idle. To use Norton Crypto, your device must meet the system requirements.

What are the pc requirements?

Hardware requirements:

Operating system:

Which Norton 360 subscription do I need to use Norton Crypto?

Norton Crypto is available in all Norton 360 plans. Norton will determine for itself whether your computer meets the minimum system requirements.

How many computers can be used?

You can mine cryptocurrency on any computer that has Norton 360 installed with an active subscription, provided that the computer meets the minimum system requirements. The maximum number of computers is limited to the number of devices included in your subscription plan.

How often is the hashrate updated?

The hash rate is updated in time.

Can I change the parameter thresholds or does Norton do it on its own?

For now, Norton will manage your settings automatically. The possibilities will be expanded, and you may be able to change the settings in the future.

What cryptocurrencies does Norton Crypto currently support?

Norton Crypto supports Ethereum mining. The possibility of adding other currencies in the future is being considered.

Do I need an Ethereum wallet to mine with Norton Crypto, or will Norton create one?

Norton creates a secure Ethereum digital wallet for each user. The wallet key is encrypted and stored securely in the cloud. Only you have access to the wallet.

Where can I transfer the earned cryptocurrency?

Norton Crypto supports transferring Ethereum from your digital wallet to Coinbase.

How to transfer Ethereum to Coinbase wallet?

You can see your Norton Crypto mining revenues in your Norton account and Norton 360 client. Your Norton account has a withdrawal option that allows you to transfer cryptocurrency to Coinbase at any time you want.

Are there any additional fees or commissions associated with mining?

Norton Crypto is part of Norton 360 subscriptions. However, there are fees for mining coins and transaction costs for transferring Ethereum. The commission for mining coins is currently 15% of the amount allocated to the miner. Cryptocurrency transfers entail a transaction fee paid to users of the blockchain network who process the transaction. In addition, if you decide to exchange cryptocurrency for another currency, you may be required to pay a fee to the exchange processing the transaction. The transaction fee fluctuates depending on the market conditions of the cryptocurrency and other factors. Norton does not set these fees.

Where should I send requests?

You can publish your queries to the Norton Crypto dashboard.


I hope this guide on How to Mine Ethereum Using Norton 360 Antivirus was easy and helpful. If you face any issues, please comment down below.

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