We will tell you how to optimize battery consumption on your Android smartphone or iPhone using the most straightforward methods.

Disable unnecessary functions

The first thing to do if you want to extend your smartphone’s operating time is to disable features that you don’t need. This applies to both iOS and Android gadgets.

An activated mobile internet connection consumes a lot of energy as the smartphone is continuously searching for a network. If you do not need mobile data at the moment, we recommend turning it off. Better yet, turn on airplane mode – however, keep in mind that in this case, you won’t be able to receive calls either. We also recommend that you turn off the Bluetooth function if you are not going to use it.

We also recommend that you turn off location services when not in use, as some apps can access your location even in the background.

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Disabling these functions occurs similarly in both systems – through the shutter with quick settings.

Optimizing settings

Aside from disabling unneeded features, there are several other ways to help your phone last longer.

  • The display is often the most significant energy eater. Therefore, it is worth setting its brightness to the lowest level at which you are comfortable using the device. The selected refresh rate also affects energy consumption – at 60 Hz, the smartphone will discharge more slowly than at 120 Hz.
  • If you have a smartphone with an OLED display, you can turn on the Dark Mode. Since black pixels in such matrices are not highlighted, this mode will help increase the battery life of the gadget.
  • Also, make sure you are charging the battery correctly. Its service life can be seriously reduced due to a poor-quality charger.
  • Sometimes smartphones run out of power quickly due to prolonged exposure to low temperatures. We recently discussed why batteries lose power quickly in cold weather and how to prevent this.

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