If you’re like most people, you probably spend a lot of time on your computer. It’s where you work, play games, access NFL odds, and more. The idea that computers might be slowing down or becoming less useful is hard to bear.

That’s why it’s essential to keep your computer running as fast as possible. Your computer might be slowing down for various reasons, like bugs and too many files. So, before you think of replacing it, there are things you can do to speed it up.

This article will learn proven tips to help you get your computer back up to full speed.

Regularly Shutdown or Restart Your Computer

Restarting a computer is a simple way to clear memory and start over with the lag. Furthermore, you should shut down your computer regularly. When you shut down your computer, all programs, heavy and light, shut down as the power shuts down. 

When you turn on the power, the software will reopen. You’ll notice your computer is fast compared to before. Shutting down your computer helps your applications and the operating system run smoothly.

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Update Your Computer

To make your computer faster so that you can access BetUS with ease, press the Windows start button. Go to the control panel. Select Window Update. Your computer will show you available updates for your windows.

You can also click “Check for updates” to see more updates. Choose whether you want to update them or not. Restart your computer, and you will be good to go. Your system will also download some updates automatically.

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Uninstall Any Unwanted Programs

On a similar note, you should uninstall applications you are not using. This is crucial because although they are lying on your system unused, they consume a lot of space and deplete major resources like the CPU. 

Visit your start menu and go through your applications one by one. You will notice that sometimes you have applications you have never used before. 

You might find that you have some applications that you are unsure what they do. If that’s the case, just Google them and learn about them before you decide to uninstall them. 

Improve your Random Access Memory (RAM)

You might update your computer and restart it a million times, but it’s slow. You need to get physical. You should upgrade your Random access memory. This will make your computer handle any operation smoothly.   

RAM is crucial in your computer because your system uses it for basic operations such as program execution.

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The more RAM you have in your system, the smoother your operations will be and the faster your computer will run. 

Delete Temporary Files

Every time you perform simple tasks like downloading files, or browsing websites, your computer creates temporary files. Although these temporary files are useful and help you work easier, they will slow down your computer if they are too many. 

If you have temporary files on your computer that are not important, delete them. You can create space on your drive by deleting these temporary files with CCleaner (Windows) or BleachBit (Mac) (Linux). This should help your computer run fast again.

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Delete Large Files That You No Longer Required

You are most likely storing gigabytes of data on your computer that you don’t use anymore. Doing away with these files can help your system run faster.

These also include tons of huge images, videos, movies, and series you downloaded from the internet. If these files are important to you and you still want to keep them, you can buy external drives and cut them there.

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Although many people overlook it, cleaning out your hard drive will aid in the performance of your computer. 

Close Your Browser Windows

Leaving a lot of tabs open in your browser can cause your computer to slow down because each tab requires its process to load content from the internet. Close any tabs that aren’t necessary or useful now so that memory isn’t wasted. You may see how fast the BetUS page loads for your games.

Disable Program Auto-Launch

Your computer might be launching unnecessary applications as soon as it boots up, such as antivirus software or system utilities that aren’t required every time you turn on your computer. Disabling auto-launch will help your computer run faster by freeing up RAM.


Hopefully, you now understand how to speed up your computer. As you have seen, it’s rocket science. It’s the little things that will help your computer run fast. 

Things like restarting, shutting down your computer when it’s not in use, closing your tabs,  deleting temporary files and large files, updating, removing applications you are not using, and disabling auto-launch will make your computer fast. 

For even better results, you can add more RAM to your computer. If none of these methods work, it may be time to replace your computer.


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