The guide to making WhatsApp voice and video calls directly from Mac.

With the latest update of the WhatsApp application, clearly available on the Mac App Store, comes the possibility to make WhatsApp calls and video calls from Mac. In this guide, we explain how to take advantage of this news on your Apple computer.

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Making WhatsApp video calls from Mac is really very convenient, especially in this period increasingly linked to digital communication. It is really essential to be able to communicate via WhatsApp without necessarily having to use your smartphone. In fact, if you work on the computer or are always in front of the monitor, doing everything through the same screen is surprisingly easy and light. This way, you don’t need to take your smartphone, unlock it, call and place it on your desk, or hold it during the call.

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How do I make WhatsApp calls and video calls from Mac?

First, you will need to update the WhatsApp application to the latest available version, the 2.2106.15, from the Mac App Store. If the installation of the update is blocked, close the WhatsApp application to continue with the update.

Once you have opened the application, just updated, go to the contact of interest and click on one of the two buttons dedicated to calls. The button with the camera icon for video calls and the button with the phone icon for voice calls.

As soon as we call or receive a call, a new interface will open with the voice waveform if we make a normal call or with the tile dedicated to the video call. Within the video call page, you can also move your image to the screen to not hinder the view of the interlocutor.

Whatsapp Call- Settings and options

There are all the options dedicated to audio and video sources to select the reference webcam and the reference microphone, and so on. It is also interesting to note that we could use a professional camera connected as a webcam to the Mac and a professional microphone to increase the quality of our communications on WhatsApp, should it become necessary.

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Therefore, the interface is simple and intuitive and is not at all different from what you already see on smartphones. This is basically an important addition that makes it much more enjoyable to use the instant messaging communication platform directly on your computer.

Therefore, today, together with Telegram, Messenger, FaceTime, Skype, Zoom, Teams, Meet and the others, WhatsApp also allows easy audio and video communication directly on computer.

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