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How to make Spotify the default music app in iOS 14.5 beta?

How to make Spotify the default music app in iOS 14.5 beta?

Apple released the first beta versions of iOS 14.5 and iPadOS 14.5 last week. In addition to major innovations like unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch, when the user puts on a mask, users have discovered another thing – the ability to change the default music app on iPhone. So far, the trick only works with Siri if you ask the voice assistant to turn on music, but it is possible that by the release of iOS 14.5, Apple will allow third-party music apps by default on iOS and iPadOS. Among them are Spotify, Deezer, YouTube Music, and others.

How to Use Spotify as Default on iPhone

The ability to change the default music app was first discovered in iOS 14.5 beta on Reddit. Users began uploading screenshots in which they asked Siri to play music, and in response, the voice assistant asked which application to use for this. For example, you can choose Spotify, Apple Music, or another app.

Ask Siri to play music and select Spotify.

As noted at MacRumors, if you ask Siri to use a third-party music playback application, it will remain the default application in the future. For example, if you select Spotify, upon request, “Hey Siri, play a classic rock,” the corresponding Spotify playlist starts playing automatically. Previously, it was necessary to add the name of the application in which you want to listen to music.

There is no way to change the default music app in iPhone Settings yet, and the mentioned trick only works with specific phrases. In most cases, music is still played using Apple Music. However, nothing prevents Apple from adding the corresponding functionality to the final release of iOS 14.5.

How to change default apps in iOS?

Apple first allowed third-party apps to be used by default in iOS 14, released in 2020. This only affected the browser and email applications. For example, you can use Google Chrome as your default browser to open all links from apps in it. Or set up an alternative email client like Spark or Microsoft Outlook so that when you click the send email button, the email application you usually work with automatically opens.

Replacing the stock browser with a third-party one so that it works as the default browser is quite simple:

Thus, you can set any browser as the default.

Apple essentially encourages other companies’ use of services and takes users away from Apple Music, Safari, and the built-in Mail application? Here, the main driving factor is not providing a choice to its users but the settlement of antimonopoly law issues. As we noted earlier, the company is under increasing pressure on this front. Apple is facing antitrust investigations in several ways. In addition to Congressional hearings, the Department of Justice is conducting its own research, and several US states are conducting large-scale antitrust studies on their own. There are several cases in other countries and many lawsuits. By taking such steps, Apple wants to show that it is not a monopoly and gives users a choice.

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