Most users operate touch-type screens with stylus. But if we talk about games, then this option is excluded. It is very convenient to enter text and numeric characters using the stylus. There is a significant drawback and it is that it is sometimes very difficult to delete what is written.

A stylus is an object in the form of a pencil, which is very convenient for drawing, writing or turning pages on a touch-type display.

Which option to choose: buy or do it yourself?

How to make a stylus for a mobile gadget with your own hands

The cheapest and simplest stylus can be bought for about fifty rubles or ordered online. If you create an item with your own hands, then much more money will be spent. A wide range of stylus is available in digital stores. The object differs in color and appearance.

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On the Internet, you can find a huge number of articles on how to create a stylus with your own hands. The main task is to understand the principle of creating an object, and then everything is very simple. The principle is as follows – it is necessary to transfer the flow of ions to the display through absolutely any conductor. For example, if you take a piece of wire in your hand, bend it at an angle and slide it across the screen, the display will react. It is very important that the stylus does not ruin or scratch the screen.

What do you need to make a stylus?

How to make a stylus for a mobile gadget with your own hands

  • round polyethylene surface;
  • regular pen;
  • foil;
  • a small piece of sponge.

Manufacturing process

A piece of sponge should be moistened and placed in the very center of a round polyethylene surface; no liquid should flow from the sponge.

How to make a stylus for a mobile gadget with your own hands

Then make a rod out of foil, which will correspond in length to a ballpoint pen; it needs to be positioned so that it is adjacent to the damp sponge.

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Next, the round surface must be wrapped with tape; the entire structure must be completely wrapped with tape to the handle.

The rod can be pulled out so that it does not dangle; except for a pen, you can use any long object that is comfortable to use and that will not damage the screen.

Now you need to take a mobile gadget and try a new hand-made stylus; the item does not look very attractive, but it works great.

What are the benefits of using a stylus?

How to make a stylus for a mobile gadget with your own hands

  • Many designers use a stylus for their work, so that the sketch comes out beautiful and neat;
  • For handwritten notes; no need to lug additional notebooks, pencil cases to work; you can write perfectly on the device with a stylus;
  • Photo editing. When working with graphic editors, the stylus, by the way, will come to the rescue; with the help of an object, the process is much faster and much easier;
  • When using the stylus, there are no scratches or minor damages on the screen.
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The stylus is useful for those who constantly use a tablet or laptop in their work. This thing is not universal, but it brings a lot of benefits.

Do you use a stylus to work on your tablet?


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