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How to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows? 8 Step Guide

How to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows? 8 Step Guide

In this post, we will learn How to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows. There is a piece of great news that Apple has introduced its operating system called macOS Big Sur. About 22nd June 2020. At WWDC, they have announced the new big operating system packed with features and functionalities. This new working system’s name is macOS Big Sur relies on a shore in central California, southwest of the San Francisco Bay region. Even the macOS Big Sur includes a totally distinctive design and looks than Hackintosh’s last functioning method. However, we’ve got a pretty ability to install macOS Big Sur on Mac even in the developer beta version. It actually doesn’t matter which operating system you are using then it’s possible to test and utilize macOS Big Sur in your system.

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If you are a Mac user, you can install macOS Big Sur from the App Store without any issue. It’s possible to experience all its features and improvements. Luckily, this time Apple actually worked hard on macOS Big Sur to make it more and more proper for the users. Moreover, macOS Big Sur has many outstanding and splendid features such as updates in Safari that will work 50% faster when you surf for something, iOS management center, improvements in Maps, upgrades on message program, Widgit from the home display, Notification center in macOS Big Sur, and many more features which you will enjoy it.

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They’ve updated all of the gadgets of Apple around 22nd June 2020. We have a significant release on iOS 14, iPadOS 14, WatchOS 7, along with a lot more. There are tons of features in iOS 14, which appears quite interesting to utilize. As stated by the Tech, macOS Big Sur is quite like iOS 14. Therefore, if you want to enjoy it on your Mac, then we’ve got an in-depth manual on How to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows? 8 Step Guide

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If you are Linux or Windows users and would like to experience the macOS Big Sur in your system, then you’re in the exact place. It is somehow tough to immediately install macOS Big Sur on an Actual computer, and it’ll waste time then occasionally it will not work. With the aim of this article, we will utilize VirtualBox. In VirtualBox, you can install various kinds of operating systems free of charge. However, it is comparable to a physical computer that needs an ISO image to install virtually any operating system. The setup procedure isn’t much difficult, but it’s somehow lengthy. Have a cup of java and start following the directions step by step.

I am sure the process isn’t easy and works for everyone. You might face these common errors when installing macOS X On VirtualBox On Windows- Here is a complete guide that will help you fix those errors. Complete Guide To Fix VirtualBox Errors While Installing Mac OS X and How to Speed Up macOS Big Sur? 7 Easy Methods

Macs which is Compatible with macOS Big Sur?

2015 and later MacBook
2013 and afterward MacBook Air
Late 2013 and later MacBook Pro
2014 and after iMac
2017 and afterward iMac Guru
2014 and after Mac miniature
2013 and later Mac Guru
According to the rumors, the Mac that’s recorded below won’t be updated from the decrease model to macOS Big Sur.

2012 and Historical 2013 MacBook Pro
MacBook Air 2012
2012 and 2013 iMac
2012 Mac miniature

8 Easy Steps to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows PC

The steps are straightforward to choose for. But first, you have to browse towards the necessary document that you will need while upgrading. Before we get started, you want to make sure your PC can support Virtualization Technology or maybe not. Otherwise, you won’t have the ability to install macOS Big Sur. Be certain to turn on from BIOS of your system so that you should install virtualization software such as VMware and VirtualBox on your own PC. Your system has to have a 640-Bit working system with 4GB Ram or even more to get better functionality.

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1. Download Required File to Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows PC

VirtualBox Latest Version (Download)
Download macOS Big Sur VMDK File
VirtualBox Code for macOS Big Sur (Download)
VirtualBox Extension Pack (Download)

2. Install VirtualBox on Windows 10 PC

From the preceding link, you need to download the newest version of VirtualBox. Wait for the downloading procedure and be patient. Once you’ve successfully downloaded VirtualBox on your PC, then head over toward the below instruction and receive VirtualBox installed on your PC.

Double-click on the VirtualBox to start.
On the welcome window, then click on the Next.
To go one step forward of setup, click on Next.
After that, the installation will be quite prepared for installation, be sure that you click on Install.
Whenever the Oracle VirtualBox is still a reliable program for Windows opens, you have to click on Install.
The setup process will be launched. You have to wait and be patient.
When the installation procedure is completed, click on End.

3. Install VirtualBox Extension

VirtualBox Extension is a small and useful tool that solves almost all VirtualBox problems that you confront while using any operating system on it. Most of the time whilst installing macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox, the mouse and keyboard get stuck, which is a preeminent issue. To fix them quickly, you need to install the VirtualBox Extension correctly after you set up VirtualBox. Find the VirtualBox Extension Pack in the Required File section.

  1. Once you installed VirtualBox Extension on your PC, be certain to right-click on it and click Open.
Open VirtualBox Extension

  1. The VirtualBox is going to be opened with a dialogue box. About the Welcome screen, you have to click the install.
Install Extension

  1. The terms & conditions screen will be opened, then scroll down until you see the I agree button. Click that.
Terms & Condition

  1. Now it takes some moments to be installed. Once it is done, then click Okay.
VirtualBox Extension Package Installed

4. Create a New Virtual Machine for macOS Big Sur

Developing a new virtual server is pretty simple. It is the same when you make for Windows and Linux. Every operating system needs an ISO image to set up. Therefore, if you have downloaded the macOS Big Sur ISO image in the above link, nothing will be worried about. To create a new system for macOS Big Sur, you need to come through the under instruction so you shouldn’t face any problem.

  1. Open the VirtualBox. Then You Need to click the New button.


  1. On the Welcome screen, you have to click on the Expert Mode.
Expert Mode


  1. Give a name to your virtual server, choose a folder for installation, the kind ought to be Mac OS X, version ought to be Mac OS X (64-Bit). In the below, you need to choose the second choice, which is Create a digital hard disk now and eventually click on Create.


  1. Increase the memory size up to 100GB or greater than that to truly have a greater performance. By the challenging disk file type segment, you need to select VHD (Virtual Hard Disk). On the right side, you have to select Dynamically allocated and click on Create.
Create Virtual Hard DiskStep #5. Alter Virtual Machine Settings


5. Customize Virtual Machine Settings

For better functionality in macOS Big Sur, then you have to customize configurations of virtual machines you’ve created. Follow the instruction down below.

  1. Choose the Digital system and click on the Settings. As soon as the Setting opened, from the perfect pane, make certain that you choose System. There you have to uncheck the Floppy and move into the Processor tab, then raise the amount of Processor to 2GB or more than that for superior functionality.
Uncheck Floppy


Boost Processor


  1. Head around the Display menu on the Ideal side and Make Certain to Grow the Video Memory.
Video Memory


  1. Now, it’s time to add the macOS Big Sur ISO document to the digital machine, browse to the Storage menu, and pick Empty. Then click the DVD icon and select your macOS Big Sur ISO File that you have downloaded.
Insert macOS Big Sur


  1. Your macOS Big Sur ISO file must go on the top, and the disc has to in down. If your disk is on the very top, then it will not boot up macOS Big Sur. You have to change the SATA interface number to 0.
SATA Port 0


6. Run VirtualBox Code in Command Prompt

Whenever you have made a new virtual machine and customized it properly, it’s the right time to conduct a number VirtualBox Code in Command Prompt. It will help and allow the VirtualBox to set up macOS Big Sur on it.

Navigate into the Required files section above and make sure you download VirtualBox from there. And you have to bear in mind the name of your virtual server since it’ll be required.

Once it’s downloaded, you need to open the code with Notepad or other text editor software. Now you have to substitute the VM Title together with the name of your virtual server. It is possible to use the Replace tool to perform it.

Change it using Virtual Machine Title.


Therefore, you have to quit the VirtualBox before conducting the VirtualBox code. If you don’t remember to close it, then keep in mind you can’t process the installation steps.

Exit VirtualBox


When you’ve replaced the VM Title with your virtual machine, you need to open the CMD (Command Prompt) by hunting on the search menu and operating as an administrator. When it opens, you need to copy and paste the code line by line to Command Prompt.

cd "C:\Program Files\Oracle\VirtualBox\" 
VBoxManage.exe modifyvm “Virtual Machine Name” –-cpuidset 00000001 000106e5 00100800 0098e3fd bfebfbff
VBoxManage setextradata "Virtual Machine Name" VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiSystemProduct “MacBookPro15,1”
VBoxManage setextradata "Virtual Machine Name" "VBoxInternal/Devices/efi/0/Config/DmiBoardProduct" "Mac-551B86E5744E2388"
VBoxManage setextradata "Virtual Machine Name" "VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/DeviceKey" "ourhardworkbythesewordsguardedpleasedontsteal(c)AppleComputerInc"
VBoxManage setextradata "Virtual Machine Name" "VBoxInternal/Devices/smc/0/Config/GetKeyFromRealSMC" 1
Insert code to VirtualBoxStep


7. Start the Virtual (digital) Machine

  1. Finally, it would help if you started the virtual machine.
Start the Digital Machine


  1. Once the virtual machine began the virtual machine, you will see some code running in the background. You have to wait till the Apple logo pops up.


  1. You have to choose your favorite Speech and click on Continue.


  1. From the boot recovery, be certain you choose Disk Utility and click on Continue.
Disk Utility


  1. Select your primary hard disk and click on the Erase button again. You have to inspect the disk’s dimensions and then erase it, don’t do the wrong virtual hard disk.


  1. Then title your virtual hard disk drive, which you’re likely to erase. I should write the name macOS Big Sur. If you typed it, then click the Erase button again.
Erase Virtual Hard Disk


  1. Close the Disk Utility.
Close Disk Utility


  1. Now You’ve Got to Pick the Install macOS and click Continue.
Install macOS


  1. Click on Continue.


  1. Be agree to terms and conditions.
Agree to terms and condition


  1. Now you have to choose the setup disk and click Proceed. The setup will be started, which will take some time to be patient.
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8. Clean Installation of macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox

When you fully Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox by following the above measures. Then you will notice that your screen resolution will appear small, that’s awkward. You can not expand into a huge screen to be able to correct the screen resolution on VirtualBox. Consequently, you need to click on the link below and find the manual to correct the macOS Big Sur display resolution.

Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox: Bottom Line

In this article, I’ve talked detail about The Way To Install macOS Big Sur on VirtualBox on Windows PC. Now you can do anything you want on macOS Big Sur. If you find any problem, do not hesitate to leave comments in the comment section below. I’ll be happy to see your lovely comments and suggestion concerning macOS Big Sur.

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