On the night of March 2-3, Apple released the third betas of install iOS 14.5 beta and iPadOS 14.5 beta. As expected, both updates came out two weeks after the previous builds, but only users with developer accounts or, if appropriate, can download them. Profile. Because these are functional updates that contain quite a few innovations, each stage of the test takes at least two weeks. Let’s find out what innovations we are talking about and How to install iOS 14.5 beta 3 updates.

We previously shared the other versions as well.

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How to install iOS 14.5 beta 3
How to install iOS 14.5 beta 3

In terms of functional content, iOS 14.5 beta promises to be one of the most iconic updates. It seems that Apple has never received so many useful innovations since the release of the original iOS 14 build.

New iOS 14.5 features

How to install iOS 14.5 beta 3
  • Anti-tracking system that prohibits developers from spying on users without their permission; In iOS 14.5, Safari will prevent Google from tracking users.
  • Clean up the sensitive data of users who send searches to Google;
  • Unlock iPhone with Face ID with Apple Watch (provided you’re wearing a mask); How to unlock iPhone with Apple Watch? 4 Easy Step Guide
  • Ban on site tracking of clicks, mouse movements, cursor, and other manipulations;
  • The ability to replace the regular Music app with an alternative one, such as Spotify; How to make Spotify the default music app in iOS 14.5 beta?
  • The picture-in-picture feature, which was blocked, has re-emerged in the YouTube web version;
  • 5G support on the iPhone 12, 12 mini, 12 Pro, and 12 Pro Max on both SIM cards at once;
  • Assessing the payment of credit card applicants in the Wallet app (the US only);
  • Support for a family Apple Card Family bank account for sharing a budget; Apple Music will never have a Free Plan
  • Broadcast workouts from Apple Fitness via AirPlay 2 to compatible devices such as Smart TV. Apple Launches New Time to Walk Mode for Apple Watch Owners and Fitness + Subscribers
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As you can see, the list of innovations planned for release with iOS 14.5 was quite impressive. But this is only the third beta. It is possible that by the time the final build is launched, the total number of new features will be even greater. After all, practice shows that Apple allows itself to systematically expand the possibilities of updates during the first three or four beta versions. So I would assume that the functional content of iOS 14.5 may still expand.

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Ironically, almost all of the iOS 14.5 innovations are innovations that users themselves demanded. By implementing them, Apple made big concessions because it took a lot of risks. First, unlocking the iPhone with the Apple Watch, although self-evident, is still not as reliable as biometrics. Secondly, replacing the regular “Music” app with a third-party app will clearly contribute to its audience’s outflow. However, Cupertino could not do otherwise so as not to anger users.

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How to install iOS 14.5 beta?

As for the installation of iOS 14.5 beta 3, there is nothing complicated. Moreover, in my opinion, it is even easier to install an assembly for developers than a public one:

  • Click here and download the iOS 14 profile
  • Go to Settings, “Profile Loaded“;
How to install iOS 14.5 beta 3
  • Set a beta profile and reboot your iPhone;
  • Open the “Update” section and download iOS 14.5 beta 3.

Even though this is the third beta build, it is clearly unnecessary to hurry with its installation. Practice shows bugs and vulnerabilities can sometimes remain in test versions of updates up to the Golden Master Assembly, now called Release Candidate. Therefore, by downloading the update to release, you put yourself in danger to varying degrees, for example, risking the loss of all your data from your smartphone memory or – as it does – from the iCloud storage.


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