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How to install Aurora Store (an alternative to the Google Play Store) in Windows 11 for Android

You can “pump” the Windows subsystem for Android in Windows 11 by downloading an alternative Google Play Store client called the Aurora Store.

Last week, Microsoft officially announced Windows Subsystem for Android in Windows 11. A preview version of the subsystem is available on the Beta Channel of Windows Insider. The android operating system layer in Windows Subsystem for Android comes without Google Apps, which means there is no official way to download apps from Google Play to Windows 11. Microsoft offers integration with Amazon Appstore, but the current list of approved compatible apps is minimal. In addition, to use Amazon Appstore on Windows for Android, your computer must have the United States region installed, and you will need an Amazon account in the United States.

Fortunately, most of these restrictions can be circumvented. We’ve talked about how you can install Windows Subsystem for Android on any build of Windows 11. Thus, users of stable versions of Windows 11 and insiders using the Dev Channel can test Android applications in the new OS from Microsoft. What’s more, you can run any, even sideloaded apps in Windows 11 using ADB.

If you don’t like to work with the command line, you have a relatively easy way to bypass regional restrictions to use the Amazon Appstore. You won’t need to use a VPN or change your region settings in Windows 11. You can further “pump” the Windows subsystem for Android by downloading an alternative Google Play Store client called the Aurora Store.

How to use the Aurora Store in Windows Subsystem for Android

So, we’ve successfully bypassed the Amazon Appstore’s regional restrictions. Now it’s time to access the Google Play Store. With the open-source third-party Aurora Store client, you can do this without Google Apps and associated proprietary apps.

adb install <filename.apk>

Are you already using Windows Subsystem for Android, or are you waiting for a stable release? What Android apps would you like to use in Windows 11?

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