In this article, we will discuss on How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life? Battery life remains a major drawback in most wearables, including the Apple Watch. Even the new Apple watch works up to two days maximum without recharging. For this reason, many people choose devices from other manufacturers, such as Xiaomi Mi Band or Honor Band, which need to be charged much less often.

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Apple has been aware of this problem for a long time and continues to look for a way to increase its battery life without making the watch thicker than it is now. It looks like the company has finally found a solution that will help the Apple Watch last longer on a single charge and make the watch case thinner. Here is everything about How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life.

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How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?
How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

Soon, you won’t need to charge your Apple Watch as often.

How? Judging by the new patent, Apple wants to get rid of the Taptic Engine, which provides haptic feedback in response to user input. This motor takes up too much space, which Apple Watch lacks without it. Apple wants to install an additional battery in its place, which will be thinner and will be able to act as a “battery” of the watch itself, and functions of tactile feedback.

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How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

The bottom line is to replace the metal plate in the vibration motor, which moves and creates vibration, with a small battery that performs the same function. Apple believes the battery will do the job well. Previously, the company has already tried to increase the battery capacity – to move the vibration motor to a special strap or modify the charging coil.

How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

Instead of a metal plate, there will be an additional battery in the vibration motor.

In the case of using a battery in a vibration motor, there is one problem: to make it move and at the same time work properly.

The patent discloses a mechanism that consists of a battery connected to a display and a “coil assembly” configured to oscillate the battery when a user contacts the display to provide tactile feedback. Much of the patent application has to do with the physics of what needs to be done with a battery and how much it needs to move to remain efficient.

How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

Patent illustration showing a mobile battery connected to an Apple Watch

Currently, the tactile vibration motor takes up space on its own, and because of the need to move, this space increases even more. If you use a battery for this purpose, you can reduce movement and, as a result, reduce the thickness of the Apple Watch case.

Another option that Apple was considering is a pad with a built-in battery, which will become a kind of analog of the Smart Battery Case for the iPhone, except that it transfers electricity by induction. This external battery will be attached to the inner case panel. The use of an accessory will undoubtedly affect the device’s dimensions, but in return, it will allow you to double its battery life.

How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

By the way, it’s strange that they haven’t released this yet.

But my favorite patent is the electronic straps (!) For Apple Watch. The company worked to ensure that the strap also showed useful information, and the user had to use the screen less (all for the sake of increasing battery life). The LEDs on the straps can be used for notifications and progress. For example, as you gradually reach your daily stride, the strap line will slowly light up from start to finish.

How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

How long does Apple Watch last on a single charge?

It doesn’t matter how Apple can achieve this, but I personally would not mind at least 3 days of watch work without recharging; I’m not talking about a week; it’s only dreaming so far. My Apple Watch SE can last two days at most, and then with infrequent use. Older models barely make it to the end of one day.

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Are you satisfied with the battery life of your Apple Watch? Maybe you have some life hacks on How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life? Please share in the comments section below.

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How to Increase Apple Watch Battery Life?

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