How to increase internet speed on your computer

The Internet today, for the vast majority of people, is an integral part of their daily workload. Here you can get an education, an opportunity to earn money, and an impressive and attractive platform. How to maintain such a fast pace of life if the Internet speed is poor?

How to improve internet speed on your computer

Reasons for low internet speed

When connecting to the Internet, users get acquainted with the available tariffs. The indicated values ​​indicate the best outcomes of events: the maximum value of the Internet speed. Unfortunately, network connection times vary daily. The reasons that allow such a development of events include the following:

How to improve internet speed on your computer
  1. The old model of the internet browser. Usually, the state of the browser has little effect on the Internet connection. However, subsequent updates of drivers in a personal computer system often lead to conflicts between them and the old version of the browser. To eliminate this, you must remove the old version of the browser and reinstall it.
  2. Lots of open-source programs. Often, users pin the pages they need to the browser. This includes a favorite movie, a downloadable video game, educational presentations, and much more. It’s not bad at all if their numbers are controlled. Otherwise, every time you open the Internet, part of the traffic is spent on maintaining these very tabs instead of opening new ones that are needed at the moment.
  3. Difficulties in software. In this case, we mean the absolute processor load, which can be found in the task manager. The latter opens when you press the Alt, Del, and Ctrl key combination.
  4. Overheating of the system. The accumulation of dust on the components of a personal computer affects the decrease in performance and early breakdown. The noted fact cannot but affect the speed of the Internet connection. It is important to remember to clean your computer at least once a year thoroughly.
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  5. The action of viruses. Unfortunately, their periodic detection on a computer is normal since users regularly download materials from the Internet. The Trojan virus and Spambot react aggressively to the Windows system settings, including the speed of the Internet connection. To control the situation, it is necessary to download antivirus programs and update them regularly. Here are some best antivirus-  Top good antivirus software for PC
  6. Line fault. The standard explanation for low internet speeds is a mechanical problem between the server and the device. Moreover, the degree of server load also has a significant weight in this matter.
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Improving the speed of the Internet on a personal computer

How to improve internet speed on your computer

The cherished increase in Internet speed is available to every user of a personal computer. The methods of stabilizing the Internet connection include the following actions:

  1. Buying a quality router. Do not expect high functional activity from cheap models. Such routers include the popular D-Link, TP-Link, and DIR-615. They have a lack of RAM and a low power antenna.
  2. Change of tariff plan. The most obvious solution to this situation. Of course, if the payment is for 15 Mb/s of the Internet, it will not become faster. With an increase in the tariff and the price tag, the Internet will delight the user.
  3. Always test your internet speed to make sure that you get the right internet speed from your provider. You can do that at
  4. Closing tabs, updates, and ads. It would be best to try to solve the cases one by one without grabbing onto everything at once, thereby only cluttering the browser. Ad-blocking apps can be a lifesaver in the fight to open new tabs quickly. Moreover, “Torrent,” YouTube, if they are not so important right now, it would be wiser to close.
  5. Turbo mode in the browser. Such a function is aimed at emergency speeding up the Internet, which greatly facilitates work on a personal computer. Its connection is available in the settings for each device.
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Does the speed of your Internet make you happy with stability and efficiency?


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