Safety is always a major concern when doing anything online. But, if you’re planning on visiting online casinos or gambling with your money, it’s even a more significant concern. However, you can significantly mitigate your risk with the proper research and knowledge of what to look for when settling for a secure operator.

This article will give you tips to help you identify secure online websites and casinos to keep you and your money safe. So if you’re ready to work on your video poker strategy, keep reading to learn more.

1.  Look at the Website’s Reputation

One of the first and easiest ways to know if a website is secure is to check its reputation. This can quickly be done by reading reviews left on the site by its users. However, don’t just rely on the site’s information and check unaffiliated independent gambling review sites. IF the reviews are positive and customers are happy and feel secure with the site, you’re probably also bound to be safe.

So make sure to do a bit of digging before signing up to play on any site.

2.  Available Payment Options

As with other online industries, some secure payment options have been established. However, we are certain you’re more comfortable with some than others. In addition, some offer better protection for your data and financial information than others. That’s why it’s of the most importance you’re comfortable with the payment methods the operator provides you.

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Before giving out your details, ensure that you’re confident in the payment method, or at the least, the provider has a few options to choose from.

3.  Secure Network

A secure network means where you choose to play from, including the website and the internet connection. Even though the responsibility of ensuring you’re safe at an online casino partly lies with the provider, it’s wise to remain vigilant.

For example, they have to secure their site’s HTTPS protocol to ensure the safety of their visitors. You can check this by looking for a padlock sign at the site’s address. If this symbol is missing, you should steer clear of such sites.

Another concern is using an unsecured internet connection to log into your casino sites. This leaves you vulnerable to external attacks and may even make it easier for hackers to exploit your financial information. So ensure the gaming sites you’re visiting, and the internet connections you’re using are secure.

4.  Check the Game Developer

Most online casinos license their games from large game development companies. However, sometimes they do develop their own in-house games. To ensure the games you’re about to play don’t have any malicious intent or hidden malware, check to see who’s the developer. If they are one of the large ones, they are probably trustworthy but think twice about signing up if you can’t authenticate the developer.

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5.  Check the Sites Licensing

There are several licenses reputable online casinos should have. Either they are required by law or voluntarily as a sign of goodwill. Licenses from organizations such as the Isle of man supervision commission are a good indicator that an online casino is genuine and you will be secure playing there. Conversely, if a site is not licensed, you will be better off taking your money elsewhere.

6.  Results From Independent Game Testers

To ensure your safety while gambling online doesn’t just mean protecting yourself from external attacks or fraudulent sites. Ensuring the online casino you’re playing on is fair and not practicing any form of rigging is also essential. You want to have a fair shot at winning, and unscrupulous sites can intentionally get in your way.

Checking the results from independent game testers will let you know if you have anything to worry about with your site. If they issue it with a clean bill of health, then your good to try your luck fairly.

7.  Good Customer Service

How to Identify a Secure Operator and Website to Play Online Casino Games Like Video Poker?
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Online casinos and operations that care about their players offer good customer services to assist their users. They are communicative and promptly respond to queries players may have. In addition, they help their players resolve any issues that may arise and do so in a friendly manner.

If it’s almost impossible to get someone on the phone to help you or it takes too long to respond to your issues. Find a site with faster response time and better customer service.

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8.  Start With Their Bonuses

Many online casinos offer bonuses to prove they’re secure and as a lure. To validate their claims, pick the easiest bonus to redeem and see if it’s just a gimmick. If the bonus falls through, be wiry of the site, but give it a chance if you’re able to redeem it. Online casinos lying about their bonuses are more likely to hide other secret agendas.

9.  Check the Payment Period

You want to be paid as soon as you’re done playing or shortly after. Bank transfers and e-wallets have made moving money easier, and there is no need to hold your winnings for extended periods. If the online casino’s payment period is unreasonably long, don’t trust them and look for a legitimate one to play on.


Today you don’t have to physically be present to gain access to services as it were a few years back. The online revolution has made it easy and introduced a lot of conveniences. But with these conveniences also came significant risk when transacting online and more so on online casinos. Knowing the red flags to look out for when picking your site will help keep you safe and make your gambling much more pleasurable.

So ensure you do your due diligence and don’t make it easy for fraudsters to take advantage of you. If you have any questions about online casinos, leave them in our forum section, and one of our staff will get back to you. 


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