When you visit Google’s search engine or other Google services, a “Switch to Chrome” pop-up notification appears in non-Google Chrome browsers that advertise Google’s own web browser.

The “Switch to Chrome” notification appears in the upper-right corner of the screen and can be very annoying.

Switch to Chrome

Hide annoying ads and protect against malware on the web.

You can choose the “No Thanks” option, which hides the notification, but it may reappear on subsequent visits to Google services.

How to hide "Switch to Chrome" pop-up notification permanently: 3 Easy Methods

If you don’t want to switch to Chrome, this toast notification will be annoying and distracting over time.

Of course, Chrome is a fast and secure browser, but some aspects related to privacy can predetermine users’ choice in the direction of alternative solutions. There are many decent browsers available on the market that provide a higher level of privacy and, at the same time, are also built on the Chromium platform, such as Vivaldi and Brave. Here is a list: Best Browsers for Safe and Private Browsing: Top 6

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How to Remove the “Switch to Chrome” notification

Some content blockers may hide ads on Google sites. However, if you decide to select an element to block manually, this method will not be effective due to the peculiarities of the widget implementation.

How to hide "Switch to Chrome" pop-up notification permanently

AdGuard AdBlocker

If you are using AdGuard AdBlocker, you need to do the following:

  • Click the AdGuard AdBlocker icon on your browser’s toolbar and select AdGuard Settings.
  • Switch to the Filters tab.
  • Turn on Annoyances filter.
How to hide "Switch to Chrome" pop-up notification permanently: 3 Easy Methods

uBlock Origin

If you are using uBlock Origin, then you need to do the following:

  • Click the uBlock Origin icon on your browser’s toolbar and select Extension Settings.
  • Switch to the Filter Lists tab.
  • Expand the Annoyances section.
  • Check the box next to AdGuard Annoyances.
  • Click the Apply Changes button at the top.
How to hide "Switch to Chrome" pop-up notification permanently: 3 Easy Methods

The list of AdGuard Annoyances includes more than 44 thousand entries hiding unwanted content on the Internet. One of the entries hides the recommendation of Google Chrome. Others hide other Google ads that advertise Chrome when you open sites in another browser.

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Manual method

If you don’t use uBlock Origin or don’t want to subscribe to the complete list of annoying items, then you can add the following filter as a custom filter to your content blocker to block the “Switch to Chrome” ad:

google.com,google.in##iframe[src^="<a href="about:blank">https://ogs.google."][src*="/widget/callout?prid="]

You may need to edit URLs, such as adding a local Google site to the list if you are using google.in, then you need to add it.

How to hide "Switch to Chrome" pop-up notification permanently: 3 Easy Methods

The manual method has a drawback. It won’t automatically update if Google changes the ad code. The list of AdGuard Annoyances is regularly updated to reflect changes in the ad code. Google can change the address from which the banner is loaded, and the filter will stop working. You’ll have to analyze the new code and create a new filter to lock the widget again.


I hope this guide on How to hide the “Switch to Chrome” pop-up notification was helpful. If you face any issues, please comment down below.


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