Any modern gadget models are equipped with a touchscreen display. Replacing the sensor part is always not cheap. It is customary to protect the display using special films or glasses made of various materials. This is the only way to protect your mobile device from scratches and other damage. It is essential to stick the glass or film neatly without bubbles. How should the gluing procedure be done correctly so that there is no air accumulation under the protective surface?

How to get rid of air under the protective glass of a smartphone

The main reason for the formation of bubbles under the film is the violation of hygiene standards during the gluing process. There are many small dust particles on the surface of the display, so sometimes the film does not fit very tightly.

Water droplets or a greasy screen are two additional reasons why air forms under the protective layer. It is effortless to fix the situation. All you need is perfume or pure alcohol.

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How to get rid of air under the protective glass of a smartphone

  1. You should take a dry napkin and sprinkle it with an alcoholic liquid;
  2. Then it would help if you wiped the display to remove greasy streaks and dirt particles;
  3. If the film or glass is already glued, then you can gently lift the corners of the protective layer and wipe it there;
  4. Any liquid containing alcohol is suitable for surface treatment.

Actions to be taken to remove excess air from under the protective layer:

  • remove the protective layer and put it gently with the adhesive side up on a clean surface;
  • then, on top of the glass, tape should be glued in such a way that it completely hides the entire surface of the protective layer;
  • the screen of the device should be wiped with a damp cloth or screen cleaner;
  • then remove the tape from the protective surface and attach the film to the display;
  • gently glue, and expel the bubbles with a ruler or a regular card.
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On a note:

  • you can get rid of excess air under the protective surface with your fingers;
  • you need to gently press on the display and push the bubbles to the edge;
  • also, the phone screen can be slightly heated with a hairdryer. Then the air will better come out from under the protective layer.

What is the disadvantage of protective glasses

How to get rid of air under the protective glass of a smartphone

  • the device heats up many times faster;
  • the thickness of the gadget increases, and sometimes it does not look attractive;
  • dust and small particles of dirt will in any case fall under the protective layer;
  • matte protective surface slightly distorts the image.

Have you ever had air in the form of bubbles accumulated under the protective layer?


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