We will tell you how to diversify chats in Watsap using different text formats: by switching to italic, bold, strikethrough, or typewriter-style.

How to Format Text in WhatsApp on iPhone?

iPhone users can format text in all versions of WhatsApp by choosing bold, italic, strikethrough, or typewriter-style. Everything works quite simply:

  • Highlight the word or passage that you want to change by double-clicking it.
  • Then the Select and All options appear above the text field. Select the section of text you want to format or all of the text. Then move to the right in the menu until you see the letters “BIU.”
  • More options will now be displayed above the text box. If you click “BIU,” you can choose between different text formatting options. The choice will be: “Bold,” “Italic,” “Strikethrough,” and “Monospace,” the latter refers to the style of the font like typewriters.
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Formatting text in WhatsApp on Android?

On Android, you can also format texts and their parts.

  • Select the snippet you want to format. To do this, hold the cursor over the selected word. Use the small arrows around the selection edges to set how many words or phrases you want to format.
  • A menu will open. Now click on the three dots in the far right corner.
  • Different formatting options are also available for Android: bold, italic, strikethrough, and monospaced.

How to format text manually?

Besides the possibilities mentioned above, you can also format text using symbols.

  • To type a word in bold, surround the text with asterisks. For example: * text *
  • Use a combination with underline for italic printing. For example: _text_ 
  • Strikethrough text can be obtained by typing a combination with a tilde sign. For example: ~ text ~
  • To use a typewriter-style, you need the gravel symbol. It is similar to the upper apostrophe and appears on the second page with special characters, depending on the keyboard. You will need to use three characters on each side of the phrase. For example: “ `text“`

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