A washing machine is a very useful unit for washing clothes that every person needs. It happens that the washing machine stops drawing up water.

There are a number of reasons why the washing machine cannot draw liquid:

  1. There is no water in the plumbing system; sometimes, due to repair work, utility repair specialists unscheduled water off in the entire area or building, so the liquid does not enter the washing unit;
  2. Another reason is that the hose through which the water is supplied is squeezed; it is a rubber tube through which liquid enters the washing machine; the hose may become stuck or stepped on;
  3. The water supply valve is closed; this is another reason why liquid does not flow into the washing machine.

What kind of breakdowns lead to the fact that water is not collected in the washing machine?

  1. The filter is clogged. In order for the liquid to begin to flow into the washing machine, it is necessary to clean it. If the filter is worn out, it must be replaced. You can purchase a new part at a plumbing store.
  2. The fluid supply valve is faulty. If it is jammed and does not open, then liquid will not enter the device. In order for the water to flow inside again, the valve must be replaced. To eliminate the breakdown, you must invite a specialist. It will not be possible to change the part on your own.
  3. The control module has broken. In such a situation, the valve is in working order, but the module does not work. In this situation, it should be repaired. In order to replace a part, you have to pay a big sum.
  4. The hatch lock broke. This happens due to a mechanical breakdown of the main lock on the device. To fix the problem, you need to invite a foreman who will fix the situation and resolve the breakdown.

Top actions that need to be taken in order for the washing machine to start picking up liquid again

Why is the washing machine not getting water

  1. The washing machine must be unplugged.
  2. Unscrew the fluid supply hose and carefully check for damage.
  3. At the slightest debris, the parts must be cleaned of dust and dirt.
  4. You can use special detergents to clean your washing machine.
  5. All parts of the washing device must be washed from time to time in special alkaline mixtures.
  6. It is also important to check that the tap is closed and that the hose is not pinched.
  7. The door of the washing machine must be opened several times and then closed.
  8. The washing machine can be turned on several times in order to observe how the device behaves.
  9. If a humming sound is heard during fluid delivery, the problem may be with the control module.
  10. If it was not possible to identify a significant reason why the liquid does not flow, then the easiest way is to call a specialist who will understand the breakdown.

Why is the washing machine not getting water

Have you encountered the washing machine not picking up liquid?

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