The problem is very common, and any user can face it.

Regardless of your qualifications in the operation of the operating system, various failures may periodically occur. They are often accompanied by short notice and a specific code. Unfortunately, you will not see any additional information about the causes of the occurrence and how to fix the problem, so you will have to look for an answer on the Internet. 

One of the most common errors occurs when launching programs and games. And it is not related to the configuration of the computer. Below we will show you how to remove the error with the ID 0xc0000007b. The methods listed below are suitable for troubleshooting problems with a similar code when you try to start any application.

Causes of occurrence

It is difficult to say for sure what triggered the malfunction. There are many possible options, and, accordingly, there is no universal solution to the problem. We recommend that you try all of the following methods one by one to get rid of the annoying error for sure:

  • Configuring application launch in compatibility mode.
  • Run with elevated access rights.
  • Reinstalling system libraries.
  • Reinstalling the application, and subsequently, the operating system.
  • Antivirus scanning.
  • Reinstalling and/or updating video card drivers.
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Next, we will analyze each item in detail, and you, for sure, will not have the question “how to remove the error 0xc0000007b on Windows 10”. If none of the methods helps, we recommend contacting Microsoft technical service, since the problem is related to the operating system and not the software.

Setting up compatibility

Often, some games and programs are created for a specific OS and are only optimized for other versions of operating systems. Therefore, when trying to launch an old application in the current Windows 10, an error appears. It is easy to fix this misunderstanding if you go to the executable file settings or shortcut settings.

How to fix error 0xc0000007b when starting the program?

Just right-click on the desired file and go to the “compatibility” section, which can be selected at the top of the window that appears. Then check the box next to “Run this program in compatibility mode” and choose the desired operating system. You can try various options. Also, below, enable the “Run this program as administrator” option. If that didn’t work, run the Compatibility Troubleshooter. It rarely helps, but everything may work out in your case.

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Installing system libraries

Most Windows-based applications require additional software that is not entirely built into the operating system. We are talking about Microsoft Visual C ++, NET. Framework and DirectX. To delve into the fundamental differences of each framework, we see no point. All of the above software is required for the correct functioning of some applications.

It’s worth mentioning that you may need to install all the versions available on the web, not just the latest. For example, Visual C ++ needs to be installed from 2008 to 2019. In some cases, older versions may be required. You can download full packs on the official Microsoft website

How to fix error 0xc0000007b when starting the program?

If that doesn’t work, then you probably have the required components disabled. They can be enabled in the control panel. Press the key combination Win + R and enter the control command in the window that appears. We select the item “Uninstall programs,” and we go to “Enable or disable Windows components” on the left side. Select the required elements with the checkboxes.

Updating drivers

If error 0xc0000007b occurs only when starting games, you should try reinstalling or updating your video card drivers. To do this, go to the official website of your GPU manufacturer. Moreover, it is the chip manufacturer, not the modification. That is, it is  AMD or Nvidia. Then go to the download section.

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How to fix error 0xc0000007b when starting the program?

Both developers have utilities that can determine the model of your video card themselves. So you don’t even have to search for files specifically for your graphics adapter. It is better to remove the old driver using the particular utility Display Driver Uninstaller. It will completely erase all available data in the system about the GPU. If you uninstall through the control panel, there is an excellent chance that information about the driver’s operation will remain in Windows. And reinstalling won’t help.

If all else fails

The last steps are related to the general prevention of the system. First of all, scan Windows with an antivirus. A computer infection often interferes with system files’ operation and interferes with the correct process of services. Then try reinstalling the app or game that is causing the problem. As a last resort, try recovering using a system checkpoint. And only in a hopeless situation, install a clean OS.


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