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How to fix: Can’t access Windows Activation Servers? [3 Easy Ways]

How to fix: Can't access Windows Activation Servers? [3 Easy Ways]

When updating your system’s internal components or other hardware changes, you may encounter a problem where your computer does not connect to the Windows activation servers.

Activation is enabled to authenticate your copy of Windows. It is also used to confirm that you are using the copy on the devices you selected in the Microsoft Software License Terms or that you are complying with the policy terms.

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If you have upgraded the system hardware, such as the motherboard, you may encounter this problem. Windows may not activate even if you paid for a genuine Microsoft Windows activation key and tried to activate it through your online services. Most likely, you will be shown the error code 0x803f7001.

The Anniversary Update (V1607) does not include a fix for the Motherboard Replacement Improvement. Thus, if you have upgraded the motherboard, the servers may not be available for systems with the digital name Windows 7 or 8. The following message was displayed:

How to resolve can’t Access Windows activation errors?

Below we have discussed ways to solve the Windows activation problem. Please check:

# Fix 1

You can try to activate the product using the graphical interface. The steps to do this are:

  1. Open Run (Win + R) and type slui 3.

2. Enter the product key and press the enter key in the window that opens.

# Fix 2

Alternatively, you can try entering a shared key for your version of Windows and then reactivating it based on an already associated license. I’ll show you the steps to use the universal key to fix the inability to access Windows Activation Server errors.

  1. Open Run by pressing Win + R. type slui 3 and press Enter to open the Windows Activation Client.

2. Click the “Change Product Key” button and enter the correct universal key for Windows Edition:

Windows 10 Home Edition: YTMG3 - N6DKC - DKB77 - 7M9GH - 8HVX7
Windows 10 Home Edition на одном языке: BT79Q - G7N6G - PGBYW - 4YWX6 - 6F4BT
Windows 10 Pro Edition: VK7JG - NPHTM - C97JM - 9MPGT - 3V66T
Windows 10 Home N Edition: 4CPRK - NM3K3 - X6XXQ - RXX86 - WXCHW
Windows 10 Pro N Edition: 2B87N - 8KFHP - DKV6R - Y2C8J - PKCKT

If none of these work, you can buy the official Windows 10 Pro license keys from here at discounted prices.

3. Click Next and wait for the activation window to close.

4. Restart your computer.

5. Open the activation screen again to ensure the error message is gone. The error message should now disappear.

6. Wait for the reactivation request. Usually, the same thing takes about half a day. When prompted, enter your product key and reactivate your device.

If the error message persists: Follow the steps if the error message persists.

7. Open an administrator command prompt. To do this, right-click the search query and select Run as administrator. You can read the guide: How to “Run as Administrator” an application on Windows: 3 Easy Methods

8. Enter the following command to replace the pre-shared key with the original product key you purchased:

slmgr -ipk xxxxx — xxxxx — xxxxx — xxxxx — xxxxx (where you must replace X with a 25-digit alphanumeric activation code unique to your account).

9. Double-check the code for errors before pressing Enter. If the installation is successful, you may see a Windows Host Script pop-up window.

10. Exit the CMD and restart the computer. In the activation window, verify that the activation was successful.

# Fix 3

If both of the above fixes do not work, contact Microsoft Support. You can do this through chat support from the Help app or by calling the toll-free Microsoft support number. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Open Run by pressing Win + R. Type slui 4.

2. Select a region from the drop-down menu. You will be provided with toll-free numbers and numbers, as well as an installation ID. Write this ID down.

3. You can now call Microsoft Support at numbers or open the Help app from the start.

4. In the input field, write down your problems and see the assistant’s help.

5. Once the answer technology arrives, explain your problem and provide the installation ID when asked.

6. Wait for the license to be activated.

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So you have that. You know how to resolve this issue when you receive a message that the Windows Activation Server cannot be accessed. Did you find this helpful? Comment below if you activated Windows after the error appeared.

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