Digital technology is constantly growing. The forms, functions, models of the gadgets used are changing. But so far no device has been created that could withstand program failures or impacts. The display is the main element of the phone with which you can access information. Often users are faced with the problem of screen flickering, which is alarming and inconvenient. Eyes quickly get tired of flickering the screen, the retina deteriorates, capillaries burst in the eyeball.

Phone screen flashing: causes and solutions

Flashing reasons

The following types of screen flashes are possible:

  • extinguishing and quickly turning on the screen;
  • flashing without shutdown;
  • uneven backlighting.

If such a problem occurs with the phone, an urgent solution is needed. To do this, you need to find the possible cause of the problem.

Screen damage. When blinking, this is the first thing that comes to mind. Dropping your phone can have more serious consequences than cracks or scratches. Damage to the screen from a fall can be easily dealt with by a master. Contact with moisture can often be the cause of a display malfunction. This problem is solved by replacing the touch panel or the entire display.

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Loop damage. The phone screen is connected with a thin ribbon cable to the motherboard. In modern compact phones, their cables are very thin. They are not damaged when dropped, but their malfunction is influenced by the following reasons: factory defect, water ingress, exposure to temperature, component disconnection. The exact reason can be determined when disassembling the smartphone. Whatever reason is identified, the loop will have to be replaced.

Software malfunction. With constant flickering, there is a high probability of software failure. Many users do not even realize that this may be the cause of the problem. To eliminate it, the device is checked for viruses, the settings are reset, or the operating system is reinstalled.

Damage to the battery. It affects the display of information on the display. With long use, it depletes, loses capacity and because of this, the current does not flow to the motherboard to process information. Replacing the battery will eliminate the cause of the flicker. When choosing, preference should be given to original batteries: cheap counterparts will not last long.

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Blinking phone screen: causes and solutions

Problems with video monitoring. The information on the screen is displayed due to the work of the graphics accelerator. It consists of a matrix, memory and strapping, and if at least one of its elements fails, this will affect the operation of the display. The video accelerator is susceptible to overheating. If the cooling system fails to cope with its task, the video chip will fail. Even a partial breakdown can cause flashing. The problem is solved by replacing the video chip.

Flashing while charging. Blinking can occur when the phone is connected to a charger. The reason may be strong heating of the smartphone. And because of this, the loop may fail. This often happens when using non-original devices. If there is such a problem, it is recommended to use a quality power supply.

Eliminate flicker

When the screen starts to flicker, it is necessary to identify the cause in order to eliminate it later. To do this, it is recommended to take the following steps:

  • restart your device;
  • carefully look for mechanical damage or contact with water;
  • if the phone blinks while charging, change the power supply and cord;
  • use antivirus to check the phone for their presence;
  • install a different operating system.
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Fixing phone flickering by yourself is not an easy task. There are many service centers where they can quickly and efficiently solve the problem.

Have you encountered phone screen flickering problem?


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