Modern technologies have reached the point that you can watch your favorite programs not only at home and in the office, but even in a park or anywhere else with Internet access. Or just download them to your phone. Expand the screen for easy viewing. Stop! But what if this function has suffered, and the phone does not want to unfold?

It should be noted right away that such a chip as an accelerometer is responsible for this function in phones. The location of the phone case is automatically determined and the screen is adjusted to fit it.

Auto-rotate screen does not work on Android: what to do

Surprisingly, the chip can only work in the earth’s atmosphere. But in a vacuum, he will not cope with the task. Therefore, it is not worth making such attempts.

If the phone stops responding to a turn, then it is best to send it for repair so that professionals can take care of the problem. But you can try to cope with the breakdown on your own.

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First you need to close all games and applications. Then turn off the phone and let it rest for 15-20 minutes. In some cases, this approach works, and by turning on Android, it is possible to restore the auto-reverse function.

If not, then you need to make sure that the function is generally active. This can be done through the quick access panel. Lower the shutter and select the “Screen rotation” function. And in newer models it may sound like “Auto-rotate”. Don’t be surprised if it renames it as “Book Screen” when pressed. It is worth pressing twice and everything will return to its original form again.

Auto-rotate screen does not work on Android: what to do

If this does not help, you can open the case and make sure that no physical damage has occurred. Perhaps the phone fell, and this was the reason for its malfunction.

The last attempt is a factory reset. Thus, you can get rid of various garbage and malware that overload the phone and enable it to work normally. It is important to copy all useful information, because after a factory reset, everything else will be simply erased.

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In any case, if the user is not sure of his actions and does not quite understand how correctly he is repairing the phone, it is better to stop and leave this process to the master. The consultation of specialists will never hurt, and in some cases it will help not to harm or completely destroy Android.

Do you often watch TV shows and programs from your phone? How effective is the reversal function for you?


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