Every electronic device connected to a local network has a unique MAC address apart from the IP address provided by the router. A MAC address or otherwise Physical Address is a 12-digit hexadecimal number represented in groups of two and separated by a colon. It is a distinctive identifier used for communication. This article provides the information required to identify a MAC address and how it can help.

What you can do with a MAC address

Many devices allow users to determine their names in a network, for example, ‘John Doe’s PC’ or ‘Jane Doe’s iPhone.’ However, these names cannot be trusted since the user can easily change them. A better way to identify devices in a network is by using the MAC addresses.

This information is crucial if a whitelist of devices is required to allow them into a network. Unlike names, these addresses are designed to remain permanent.

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Different Methods to Find Your MAC Address

Windows 11 gives its users different options to find the MAC address. Before using one of these methods, it is important to note that each network adapter has its unique address. So, each has a unique address if the PC has an Ethernet port and Wi-Fi adapter. Here are four methods to find a MAC address.

Using Settings app

The Settings menu on Windows 11 provides the most commonly accessed features. This includes giving the user a way to check the address. Here are the steps.

  • Open Windows Settings: Open the start menu and click on settings from the pop-up. Alternatively, search Settings from the start page.
  • Select Network & Internet: The menu is on the right side of the screen.
  • Choose network adapter: According to which address you want to find, choose either Wi-Fi or Ethernet.
  • Click on Hardware Properties: If the address is not displayed after the previous step, click on the hardware properties button.
  • Find the address: The address is at the bottom of the page and is listed under ‘Physical Address.’
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How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 11 (And What to Do With It)

Using Control Panel

In Windows 11, the legacy control panel is not easy to find because the Settings app offers more to users. To find the address, follow the steps below.

  • Open the Control Panel: The quickest way to find the Control Panel is by using the search tool on the Start Menu.
  • Select Network and sharing center: Select the whole menu or click on the ‘View network status’ link for quick access to the next window.
  • Choose the connection type: Find the clickable link on either the Wi-Fi or Ethernet buttons. This would depend on which address you want to find.
  • Click on the ‘Details’ button: A window with information on connectivity and speeds should appear. Click on the ‘details’ button.
  • Find the address from the screen: The address is listed as ‘Physical Address’ and should be similar to the one in the Settings app.
How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 11 (And What to Do With It)

Using PowerShell

PowerShell is a cross-platform command shell and a scripting language from Microsoft. It allows users to perform common tasks without using pointing or clicking devices.

  • Run PowerShell: To start PowerShell, right-click on the start menu and select ‘Windows Terminal’ or search for ‘PowerShell’ in the start menu.
  • Type the commands: After successfully running PowerShell, type “getmac /v.” The first part of the command, getmac, returns data about the address, while the second part, “/v,” returns verbose information about the network.
  • Locate the address from the list: Windows 11 does not include the mention of the MAC address because the command makes it clear. Instead, the address is listed under ‘Physical address.’
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How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 11 (And What to Do With It)

Using Command Prompt

The command prompt provides an easy way to find MAC addresses for all network adapters. To open the console, search for either CMD or Command Prompt. Alternatively, press the Windows Key + R, type CMD then run. Type ‘ipconfig /all’ then press enter to list addresses and the current network configuration information.

How to Find Your MAC Address in Windows 11 (And What to Do With It)

Bottom Line

We hope that this short guide comes in handy when you want to find your MAC address in Windows 11. If you have some tips and tricks of your own, feel free to share them with our community!


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