Often people, listening to music, do not remember the artists and the names of the tracks. And later they cannot find their favorite melody. In the age of information technology, developers have created special applications and programs, as well as browser services for recognizing songs by sound.

On the phone

The simplest solution in these situations is to use a phone app. Fortunately, there are a lot of such programs.

The most popular among them:

  1. Shazam. It can be downloaded from any type of market. Installation is simple. The application interface is intuitive. This is the largest catalog of music. It is here that new performers often post their works. It is enough to launch the application and wait for the search for the melody. Just one caveat: the sound of the recording should be of high quality without interference.
  2. Yandex system assistant – Alice. This method is only effective on smartphones. The popularity of the assistant has enabled developers to create new features for it. Alice can now recognize songs by sound. You need to launch the application and start a dialogue with Alice. It is recommended that you give clear and concise sentences. Naturally, in this case, the Internet must be available on the smartphone.
  3. Many Android phones have built-in widgets. You can use Google Sound Search to search for sound. You just need to hold this icon and bring the smartphone to the sound source. An inscription appears with the name of the track and the artist.

The only caveat: some applications require certain technical specifications when downloading. Moreover, most take up a lot of space in the system.

On the computer

For a laptop and a personal computer, there is a universal program “Midomi”. The plus is that you don’t need to install it. It is enough to go to the platform, press the microphone activation button and turn on the melody. Or sing it yourself.

How to find your favorite song by sound

But the “Audio Tag” program requires downloading a file with an unknown melody. Only in this case will the search for the artist and the title of the track go.

“Tunatic” is a handy lightweight utility for a computer or laptop. There are paid and free versions. The algorithm of actions is similar: turn on the program, simultaneously play an incomprehensible melody, turn on the search button. A prerequisite is the presence of the Internet.

other methods

How to find your favorite song by sound

There are social networks, where other users suggest artists and track titles based on melody fragments. These include “WatZatSong” and “Musipedia”. On the platforms, you need to log in, upload a piece of the melody, give comments on the possible genre and language of the song. And then wait for user comments. The only point: these are English-language resources. That is, to work for them, you need to know a good foreign language.

There is another alternative way: look for tunes in the collections of radio stations.

How else can you find songs by sound?

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