As more and more organizations adopt cloud computing for data storage, the unpredictable security challenges of your critical data and information are also increasing. Traditional security tools like Identity Access Management (IAM) do not ensure the least privileged approach in the multi-cloud environment.

There are a lot of resources with different entitlements and identities spread across the cloud. You may need Cloud Infrastructure Entitlement Management (CIEM) solutions to secure this ever-growing information.

Finding the best CIEM tools that suit your work environment and budget is a daunting task. You need the perfect CIEM category to ensure maximum data protection for cloud computing.

Read on to understand how to choose a CIEM solution for your needs.

Licensing and Scalability

The first thing you must check while choosing a CIEM solution for your organization is the software’s license. Based on the license of a security model, you can upgrade or downgrade user capabilities for using the cloud network.

You must also check the scalability level to add more resources like computer applications or devices to your hybrid cloud environment. You must check if the management console is located on-premises or on the cloud.

It is essential to check the software and hardware configuration for easy deployment. Your system should be ready to run the software without technical glitches.

Easy Installation and Compatibility

A software solution like CIEM should be easily installed in highly dynamic organizational IT environments. It should not involve a complex instruction manual to integrate with an existing security system in your organization.

Suppose your business has already invested a lot of time and effort in building a data security system. In that case, the new CIEM should correlate and analyze data in the cloud network following the model.

The process can increase your business capabilities and improve your business workflow.

Dashboard and General User Interface

CIEM solution is best known for identifying potential threats and security loopholes in the network. In this regard, the software must have a user-friendly dashboard that can help security teams to track bugs and fix them immediately.

It should come with tools to convert general data into informational charts and graphical patterns. It becomes easy to study security management with these data visualization tools.

The dashboard should help generate real-time custom reports and measure the timely performance of the security model.


One essential factor you must consider while choosing a CIEM category for your organization is compliance. CIEM solutions should be compliant with existing enterprise policies and government regulations.

The security model analyzes existing entitlements and user privileges and identifies those who violate company rules and policies. It helps security teams take necessary actions to mitigate the threats with effective strategies.

Most IT organizations follow industry regulations like the HIPAA or Department of Defense Security Technical Implementation Guides. You must check the digital signatures and provide an audit report with appropriate documentation.

Visibility Level

When looking for a CIEM solution, you must check the data visibility level that it provides. Your CIEM software should be able to identify risks, entitlement exposures, excess entitlements, dormant accounts, and new privileges.

You must check the auditing capacity to keep your data guarded at all times.

It is essential to analyze its risk assessment capacity and buy software that offers maximum data protection techniques for cloud-based information.

Attack Detection Capabilities

CIEM solutions can identify security threats with automated attack detection capacity. You must check how quickly and efficiently the system is alerting the admin.

When small security loopholes go undetected or unattended for a long time, they can become a potential threat to the entire cloud network. Confidential company information can be leaked, and it can cause substantial financial losses in the long run.

Hence, you must select a CIEM tool that can identify data thefts and malware as soon as possible and send notifications to the security team for quick solutions.

Remediation and Mitigation Capabilities

According to reports, the 2015 Data Breach Industry Forecast by Experian claims that employees cause around 60 percent of security incidents.

A CIEM solution must identify data threats and offer remediation options to fix the problem. It is imperative to check the automation level and mitigation information the solution provides.


Last but not least, an essential factor to consider while buying a CIEM solution is the rate of the software. CIEM solutions are primarily offered as a subscription-based model.

Your monthly charges may depend on the number of computers or devices on the network and resource entitlements. Once you have finalized the top features needed in a CIEM tool, you can compare prices between different solution providers.


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