It so happens that the plot of a movie is so captivating that its name, not as vividly as the events taking place in it, is invariably forgotten. If you want to share such a find with friends or re-watch the film, you need to try to find information about the title using quotes, plot descriptions, even fragmentary memories will do.

It is better to fix the latter on paper and choose the most meaningful and unusual. You need to concentrate on the most significant objects in the film. Most often these can be plot twists or specific scenes, even secondary ones. Accordingly, they drive appropriate phrases into the search, for example, “a film where a woman invented a new mop” (“Joy”) or “a film where emotions were forbidden” (“Equilibrium”). If search services do not give any intelligible answers, do not despair. You can use thematic forums and groups on social networks and ask your question there.

By the way, on the same KinoPoisk you can find a separate page where you can find movies by keywords. There you can enter the names of the actors who were filmed, part of the name, the country of production, the studio and other parameters that could remain in memory.

How to find any movie if you forgot the title

If you remember one or another actor, you can simply find his page in the same KinoPoisk, watch the filmography and, by elimination, find the desired film. If you watched the movie on TV, you can try to find the program guide of a specific channel. This information is usually placed not only in newspapers and magazines, but also on official websites. In addition, if a home theater was used, then it is enough to open the browser history. In rare cases, the user will have a picture of the movie as a keepsake, or may have a thematic avatar. In this case, you can open the Google or Yandex search service and use the image search. To do this, you need to click on the camera icon and in the page that opens, drag the existing image into a special window or use the “download” button. Then the search service will surely return the desired result.

The chances of finding a movie whose title has been forgotten are increased if the movie was watched with friends. Perhaps one of them will be able to recall the name.

Have you ever looked for a movie based on a story description or actors?

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