In this article, we will learn how to download JingOS with direct links. With the direct links, you will be able to Download JingOS directly to your system and proceed with the installation of JingOS.

I do not know about you, but I have never perceived other tablets besides the iPad. All these “tablets” on Windows and Android left me with the impression of some imperfections, despite the initially more free and open-source software. They did not want to use them, even with all the advantages that iPad haters portrayed. Still, the convenience and intuitiveness of the operating system are often much more important than functionality. But a group of enthusiastic developers took into account the factor of convenience and intuition and made their own analog of iPadOS.

How to Download JingOS? A direct competitor to iPadOS based on Ubuntu
How to Download JingOS? A direct competitor to iPadOS based on Ubuntu

JingOS is a new Ubuntu-based operating system made specifically to compete with iPadOS.

A group of developers from China managed to create an iPadOS analog based on Ubuntu. The new operating system was named JingOS. It was originally developed specifically for tablets, so it does not have a smartphone interface. However, if the OS shows itself on the good side and is popular, the developers plan not only to turn it into a universal platform but also to build a full-fledged ecosystem around it with services and an app store, as Apple did.

What is JingOS, and how to download JingOS?

How to Download JingOS? A direct competitor to iPadOS based on Ubuntu

JingOS Control Center has different icons than iPadOS but is fundamentally no different.

How to Download JingOS? A direct competitor to iPadOS based on Ubuntu

The notification shade does not cover the entire interface, which is quite elegant.

How to Download JingOS? A direct competitor to iPadOS based on Ubuntu

But multitasking was not implemented very nicely. It seems that this is some technical snippet that accidentally broke out of the shell.

Outwardly, JingOS is very similar to iPadOS. Even though application icons can be of arbitrary shape, Apple’s very concept of interface design was clearly licked. The lower dock with applications, visually separated from the main part of the screen, dots indicating the number of desktops, and an absolutely empty status bar with icons of the time and remaining battery level spaced on different sides. I’m not talking about the Control Center, which is not only invoked by swiping from the top right of the screen but also has approximately the same arrangement of elements as on iOS, albeit executed a little differently.

How to Download JingOS? Direct Links

Even though JingOS is in beta testing, it is quite functional, providing some tablets’ functioning.

Download JingOS v0.9 for x86 ISO | Google Drive

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Download JingOS v 0.6 ISO Google Drive | MediaFire

Download JingOS v 0.6 Torrent Google Drive | MediaFire

It is assumed that JingOS can be installed on almost any tablet, but the developers have tested it only on three models: Microsoft Surface Pro 6, Eve V, and Huawei MateBook 14. According to the developers, JingOS is a universal platform that can work on tablets from different manufacturers. Therefore, you can download it and try to install it on your old “tablet.” However, keep in mind that performance, in this case, is not guaranteed.

How JingOS works?

How to Download JingOS? Direct Links JingOS v0.9

From what we can see in this video, JingOS still needs some work. Its interface is not smooth enough to be comfortable to use, and launching applications, which in some cases does not happen instantly, does not give the desired response. The video clearly shows that the user, at some point, thought that he had not clicked on the icon and twitched to click it again. On the other hand, the operating system’s design looks pretty nice, and the calculator’s work has shown that if you tighten it up, it can be quite smooth.

It’s hard to say so whether JingOS will be popular or not. On the one hand, it won’t be easy to replace iPadOS. On the other hand, today, it really has no competitors, except for Windows, which, whatever one may say, is not a choice for everyone. And JingOS is simple and intuitive enough to want to use it and was originally designed for touch control. If the developers manage to establish its stable operation, increase performance and offer it for installation on any tablets, I think the platform has a chance to become in demand.

Conclusion: How to Download JingOS?

I hope you were able to download JingOS directly from Google Drive or MediaFire links that were shared above. If you face any issues you can leave a comment below and we will fix it. You can also read: How to install JingOS? 3 Step Easy Guide – TechRechard

You can also join the official community of JingOS here:



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